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Dumitru Coman: Chimcomplex uses hydrogen and CO2 to generate a high value-added chemicals chain

23 April 2021
Bogdan Tudorache

Hydrogen is a major challenge for decarbonization. For the chemical industry, hydrogen offers the way, the transition to environmentally friendly technologies. From this point of view, Chimcomplex is part of a direction initiated 60 years ago, said Dumitru Coman, CTO Chimcomplex, during the ONLINE conference “Project Hydrogen – the Romanian debate”, organized by Energynomics.

“We start from the first question: Is it possible to use carbon dioxide from emissions and hydrogen from green energy to produce green chemicals? The answer is as green as possible: Yes, Chimcomplex can. We have been producing hydrogen from water for more than 60 years – more than 5.400 tons per year. We have been able to capture and use carbon dioxide for more than 50 years. We produce plasticizers from captured CO2 and hydrogen. We also produce energy. Chimcomplex have also innovated in this area and has been generating power from hydrogen for ten years. Chimcomplex has the experience of presenting hydrogen from an integrated perspective – both chemistry and energy,” said Coman.

“The 2050 target of real decarbonization can be achieved through efficiency and by integrating hydrogen for energy and chemistry. Chimcomplex is operating a hydrogen production in Onești and Râmnicu Vâlcea with the lowest specific consumption for hydrogen produced from water – only 1,3 kWh/kg – about 40 times lower than the specific consumption of direct electrolysis. We can also provide full or partial decarbonization through integrated energy and chemical hydrogen flow.


We are ready to promote energy production through gas turbines with hydrogen and natural gas – to be able to capture the resulting CO2 and then integrating it into various chemicals,” he said.

Chimcomplex’ innovation is to put together synthetic chemistry using validated technologies, using hydrogen and CO2 to generate a chemical chain with a high added value.

”Electrolysis can be done with energy from photovoltaic panels and wind power plants. The innovation is how we assemble these technologies – integrating cogeneration into such a chemical flow ensures the most real decarbonization, with elements that make such projects feasible,” Coman added.

The conference “Project Hydrogen – the Romanian debate” was organized by Energynomics, with the support of our partners Chimcomplex, Horvath & Partners, Kawasaki Gas Turbines Europe, Metachim, Renovatio, Siemens Energy, Solar Turbines.

More than 300 people registered on MyConnector platform to participate in the dialogue.



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