Ștefan Sabău: Centralized markets can provide transparency to the energy system in the Republic of Moldova

Centralized trading platforms for energy and energy resources can contribute to the transparency of the energy sector, said Ștefan Sabău,...
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A. Spînu: Romanian energy companies should be braver and come to the Republic of Moldova

Ensuring the security of energy supply will not be solved for the next 50 years and prices will continue to...
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REI brokered a state aid worth more than EUR 23 mln.

REI, one of the largest group of companies specialized in attracting non-reimbursable financing in Romania, with more than 80 consultants...
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AFEER demands a real consultation of the operators in the debates at the Chamber of Deputies

The amendments brought in the Senate to GEO 119/2022 will create even greater dysfunctions on the energy market, and the...
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From October 15 – tenders for the allocation of interconnection capacity on the Moldova-Romania border

The system operator from the Republic of Moldova, Moldelectrica, announced that starting from October 15, 2022 (October 15, 2022 -...
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Nagy-Bege: We definitely have a complicated winter ahead of us; on the gas side, the situation is relatively stable

On the gas side, the situation is relatively stable, we still have production and, unfortunately, the fact that certain industrial...
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