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Predictive maintenance – benefits for the energy industry (May 25, online conference)

28 May 2020

On May 25, Energynomics organized its first online conference dedicated to the maintenance of power systems. 4 experts representing some of the strongest organizations presented various examples of good practices and their opinions on the degree of penetration of predictive maintenance in Romania. “We are very close and very far away”, summed up Mihaela Coroiu (EnergoBit) the paradoxical situation for the industrial environment in Romania: “We are far away because we have a lot to do and we are very close because everyone has understood how efficient digital solutions are from a technical and economic point of view”. The conference was broadcast live online and was watched by over 900 people.

Coroiu, EnergoBit: Corrective maintenance means higher costs

The crisis period generated by coronavirus is very suitable for internal process analysis and for maintenance operations, considers Mihaela Coroiu, Marketing Strategy Director, EnergoBit. “We are in a continuous process of improvement of our services and development of new products as required by the market; we have reached to a manner of working which we consider appropriate for this moment. Until a few years ago, we talked about maintenance for correcting faults.

When an incident occurred, it was necessary to intervene quickly for getting back in operation, with no possibility for us to complete works for improving the performance of the system, as we could not wait for the supplier to deliver the spare parts or the equipment we needed, because it was an emergency and we called strictly to eliminate the fault. At present, maintenance is getting more proactive, investment budgets and operation costs are planned first. We had to redesign the way maintenance is done. Thus, even the corrective maintenance can be planned, today”, says Coroiu. However, corrective maintenance means higher costs than those of planned actions, even by 30% higher.


“A maintenance plan for insuring the functioning at optimal performances, so that the budget spent to be the budget the company can afford.”

EnergoBit is also involved in developing financing models for energy projects, either through easing access to financing solutions or through a staged approach, so that the client can afford the services at the time when they are most effective.

More predictive maintenance at Distribuție Oltenia

Distribuție Oltenia covers its own maintenance for small works, while significant ones are entrusted to specialized service providers, such as EnergoBit, says Adrian Pavel, Director of the Operations and Maintenance Department RED, Distribuție Oltenia.


“We are focused on ensuring continuity in electricity supply. It is clear that problems occur, generated either by weather conditions, environment or other external factors that influence our activity. We began to focus on predictive maintenance, to the detriment of corrective maintenance, which actually means an intervention after the effect has occurred. The effects are unpleasant and the remediation costs are quite high. Our concern and that of our partners’ too is to move towards preventive and predictive maintenance, so we have set priorities, we have defined the roles and categories of maintenance works”, he says.

“In order to become more efficient, we use computer systems, we have moved to digitalization and in addition to the SAP system, with which we manage our costs, those on each piece of equipment included, we have implemented a work management system. Our electricians are already working digitally; it is a system that we have also extended to our partners. It helps us to create a database on the traceability of the behavior during the lifetime of the equipment, in order to make decisions smarter and directed on the cause that leads to defects”, explains Adrian Pavel.

Al Shehari, Schneider Electric: Virtual reality facilitates maintenance works

“The EcoStruxure concept encompasses the concept of the Internet of All Things (IoT),” says Alexandru Al Shehari, EcoStruxure Industry Engineer, Schneider Electric. EcoStruxure is the way to connect all the smart equipment we have, but also how to use it to provide adequate predictive, preventive and corrective maintenance at the lowest possible cost. “The solution is augmented reality. It is, in fact, a very simple thing: introducing virtual objects, with the help of a video camera. The application is based on the idea of efficiency. Several studies carried out by Schneider Electric found that the most important thing, on the maintenance side, is the expertise of the person who is in front of an equipment, when it is necessary to provide maintenance services. This computer program proposes a much faster efficiency with the help of augmented reality, of the optimal actions on certain equipment that we to deal,” says Al Shehari.


At the same time, the system allows direct access to information from SCADA or can allow direct entry from the application in the SAP or another similar platform. “This application therefore comes with elements of unification of all other applications, in order to increase the speed of action.” The application also offers the possibility of assisted and secure remote troubleshooting, by communicating with an expert located anywhere in the world.

Cost efficiency and higher profits with the Aveva platform

ACE is the distributor of Aveva in Romania, one of the largest suppliers of software for industrial automation. “We are distributors of Aveva solutions at regional level, in countries such as the Republic of Moldova, Greece or Bulgaria, besides Romania”, says Liviu Drăgoi, Sales Manager of ACE Industrial Software Solutions. “We are present in all industries, and have with significant global references. The advantage is that we can work with absolutely any local integrating partner”, he says.


“Aveva is special because of his vision. Aveva pursues both the lifetime of the project and its operation. In the case of longevity, the aim is to make costs more efficient and to recover the investment, and from an operational point of view, our goal is increased profitability. Aveva has a very vast portfolio, an integrated one, one that, when used as a whole, streamlines the engineering part, as it is very easy to use with various software products”, he added, when presenting the portfolio elements.

Maximized Value and Improved Operations Video

The conference „Good practices in the maintenance of power systems” was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners ACE Industrial Software Solutions and EnergoBit. Our invited companies were Distribuție Oltenia and Schneider Electric.

Over 120 people from organizations like Alum, ANRE, Apa Vital, Aqua Serv, Berg Banat, Box2M Enginering, Business France, CEZ, Chimcomplex, Cluj Innovation Park, Delgaz Grid, Distributie Energie Oltenia, Electrica, Electrica Furnizare SA, EnergoBit, ENGIE, EPG, EWind SRL, Eximprod Grup, Expert Energy Consult, Finder, Globema, Hidroelectrica, ICI, INCDTIM Cluj-Napoca, INCIR, Invest Dej, ITIM Cluj, Kronstadt, Metaplast, MGM Energo Electro Systems, NEPI Rockcastle, Premier Energy, Pro Credit Bank, QEtics, R Energy, Schneider Electric, SDEE Transilvania Sud, Siemens, Smart Grider Electric SRL, Solstar Energy, STEAG Energie Romania, Techno Sam, Termoficare Oradea S.A., TIAB SA, Transgaz, Universum, UPG Ploiesti, Weidmueller have registered in the MyConnector platform for having the possibility to address questions to the speakers

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