Anticipations for positive and accelerated developments in the e-cars segment


Romania is on the right track in terms of electro-mobility, considers Dragoș Fundulea, senior project manager at Roland Berger. “Compared to 5 years ago, when there were many unknowns, we now anticipate positive and accelerated developments in the field of electric vehicles,” he told at EnergynomicsTalks. “There are many actors and many sectors competing in electro-mobility segment, now, it is no longer just a topic of interest for energy, automotive or transportation; there are actors from the financial services and retail segments that are starting to be active in this area”, he added.

We must not ignore the fact that there are clear benefits the electric mobility brings forward, in terms of both environment and costs, said Dragoș Fundulea, concluding the conversation on the topic of the 5 most important things to know about electric vehicles. “We need to increase the level of knowledge of these elements, to fully identify what limitations they have, as well as what are the advantages that companies and operators in this segment can enjoy.”

Roland Berger is currently working on the 3rd edition of the report “Romanian E-Mobility Index”, conducted by the company for the local market, expected to be published this fall. Demand growth for electric powered vehicles has accelerated in 2019 H2, shows the second edition of the Romanian E-Mobility Index, launched in March.

As part of the information and collaborative journalism campaign “5ToKnow about electric cars”, Energynomics summarized readers’ responses to an online open survey; they indicate that the most important fact to know about electric vehicles is that the total operating cost (TCO) of electric vehicles is lower than for internal combustion vehicles. With no claims of any sociological relevance, here is the ranking resulted from the online vote:

  1. The total operating cost (TCO) of electric vehicles is lower than for internal combustion vehicles

  2. Electric vehicles do not emit polluting emissions or greenhouse gases

  3. Electric vehicles can be charged at any regular socket

  4. There are around 400 e-charging stations and the number increases constantly

  5. Romania benefits from generous subsidies for purchasing electric vehicles

78% of the answers placed the TCO as the most or the second most important thing to know. This idea got 80% of the maximum possible score. The next two ideas in the ranking got 67% and 64% of the maximum, respectively, while the subsidies reached 47% of the maximum score possible. The least relevant information about the Romanian electric vehicle market, out of the 5 proposed by Energynomics, reached only 41% of the maximum.

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