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Hidroelectrica is waiting for the creation of a special market to conclude direct contracts

4 November 2022

Hidroelectrica is waiting for the development of a special market to conclude bilateral contracts directly with the big suppliers and to eliminate intermediaries with speculative behavior, said, on Thursday, Bogdan Badea, the president of the Hidroelectrica directorate.

He was asked why producers do not sell power during this period to suppliers.

“There was an obligation for producers to supply energy through bilateral contracts until the end of the year for their own technological consumption and later other categories were added. For next year there is no such obligation. That is why, considering Hidroelectrica’s history regarding the bilateral contracts, we preferred to participate in the creation of a competitive market of bilateral contracts, so that we have as competitive a framework as possible,” explained the representative of Hidroelectrica, according to Agerpres.

In his opinion, just as there is a platform for large consumers, there should also be a special market for producers to conclude bilateral contracts with large suppliers.

“This way, let’s eliminate part of the speculative behavior that unfortunately was not absent during this period and that contributed fully to the artificial increase in prices. We believe that such a market, which shortens the energy path from producers to consumers and which either dedicated to the big suppliers who carry the responsibility of the customers behind, is a solution that can help us to overcome this crisis and to correct some market design issues, which have led to such problems,” said Badea.

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