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Electroservice RB has a scheme for the production of electricity and heat in small units to be financed by NRRP

12 April 2022

NRRP represents an opportunity for the Romanian energy industry, said Răzvan Dedu, CEO of Electroservice RB, during the event „NRRP funding lines – which projects stand a better chance”, organized by Energynomics. The available funding can bring important benefits, both for the direct beneficiaries of the program and for the companies that carry out construction-assembly activities, companies that have suffered a lot lately due to lack of orders, as there were no major investments in energy, he added.

“We are not a direct beneficiary of NRRP programs, but through the experience gained over time we can have a contribution to the successful implementation of various projects in our area of ​​expertise,” said Răzvan Dedu. “I am thinking mainly to projects involving the development of new, high-efficiency gas production capacity for cogeneration of electricity and heat in the district heating sector, in order to achieve a required level of decarbonization, measure I3 within the NRRP.”

He also referred to a “scheme for the production of electricity and heat through small-capacity units that can be implemented in smaller localities or in certain areas of larger cities that are deficient in district heating.” This can be a starting point for drawing up feasibility studies that will be the basis for the realization of new projects in this field, Răzvan Dedu underlined.

Electroservice RB specializes in the installation and repair of energy equipment (steam turbines, gas, hydraulic, generators and electric motors) with over 27 years of experience in this field.

The lack of orders is just one of the problems currently facing Romanian companies, in addition to those related to the acute shortage of highly qualified staff, as well as access to financing on advantageous terms.

Răzvan Dedu pointed out some other sensitive aspects regarding the practical side of these projects, namely the effective execution of the works for the installation or modernization of energy equipment. “Time is a major challenge for all the factors involved, in terms of accessing, running and completing on time and in good condition the projects that are to be implemented. The deadline for completion in 2025-2026 seems quite tight from our point of view. ”

“From our practical experience in the most recent projects we have participated in, I can tell you that we have faced significant price increases and time lags in the delivery of equipment – difficult to predict at the beginning of the works,” he added.

Under these conditions, thorough planning of the entire project is one of the basic conditions for its successful implementation, and application for funds, signing of contracts and emergency contracting of general contractors is mandatory.

This conference „NRRP funding lines – which projects stand a better chance” was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners: BCR, Electroservice RB, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe, Metachim, REI Group.

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