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2023 Energynomics Awards – FAQ

23 October 2023
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This year, we celebrate 11 years of Energynomics Awards together! All interested in participating in the 2023 edition of Energynomics Awards are invited to find out all relevant information on the event, participation conditions, judges, and the ceremony.


If any other question arises, the Energynomics team will individually answer it, and, when appropriate, will add it here.

About the Energynomics Awards

Q: What are the Energynomics Awards?

A: Energynomics Awards, organized by Energynomics, are designed to recognize and reward success and best practices in the energy sector in Romania. The Awards are the window and the mirror in which companies and professionals in the energy sector are found and where they present themselves to their own staff and for the general public as models, references or inspiration.

Q: Who are the sponsors?

A: The Energynomics Awards Project is mostly self-financed, proposed and organized by Energynomics, and its partners. The partners include many of the leading companies in the Romanian energy industry. Click here to learn about some of our sponsors in 2023.

Q: Who judges the Awards?

A: The Energynomics Awards are judged each year by 6 to 9 leading personalities in the Romanian energy industry.

Q: How long have the Energynomics Awards been in existence?

A: The Energynomics Awards were founded in 2013.

Q: What are the categories?

A: There are 12 categories, recognizing entire organizations, individuals and projects:

  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Deal of the Year
  • Financing of the year
  • Best initiative for energy transition
  • Outstanding Development
  • Green energy achievement of the year
  • Best Newcomer
  • Executive Of The Year
  • Outstanding Career Achievement
  • Distinguished Public Service Award “Mihnea Constantinescu”
  • Young Energy Professional

Q: What do the winners receive?

A: Finalists will be selected from among all entries collected by the Energynomics team, and the winners will be selected by the Jury. Energynomics Awards winners will receive the Energynomics trophy – an original statuette designed and realized at Energynomics request.

Q: Where can I find a list of past winners in the Energynomics Awards?

A: Click here for the list of 2013, 201420152016, 2017, 20182019, 20202021 and 2022 Energynomics Awards winners.

Benefits of Participation

Q: What are the benefits of submitting entries?

A: There are benefits of preparing and submitting entries and benefits of winning one of the Energynomics Awards.

The benefits of preparing and submitting entries

  • It proves to all concerned that you are a desirable partner who knows his value and prides on his success
  • It allows you to associate with the most powerful companies in Romania

The benefits of becoming an Energynomics Awards winner

  • Winners can expect to receive the best amount of publicity through Energynomics’ trademark channels and those of its partners.
  • It registers you in the elite group of the energy industry in Romania
  • It brings recognition from the community and a high level of public exposure for your company

Q: What sort of publicity can 2023 Energynomics Awards winners expect to receive?

A: The awards ceremonies will be recorded entirely, and relevant aspects will be published online. The Energynomics team will also work to generate high-quality exposure for Energynomics Awards winners through Energynomics’ trademark channels and those of its partners.

Q: What kind of benefits do other candidates, except the winners, enjoy?

A: All candidate projects will be presented on website before the voting ends. The first five projects in each category will be mentioned during the Gala, and these finalist projects will be included in the Gala brochure.

Q: How can I become a partner for the 2023 Energynomics Awards Gala?

A: All interested should contact the Energynomics team, at e-mail office at, in order to evaluate the various types of partnerships we propose: Presence package, Premium package.

Q: How much costs winning an Award at 2023 Energynomics Awards Gala?

A: This is a benefit we can not guarantee! The Jury has the final decision in regard to the winners, after a transparent joint analysis and independently from the organizers.

Submitting Entries

Q: Who can be nominated?

A: Any organization or person operating in the Romanian energy industry can be nominated.

Q: Who can submit entries for consideration?

A: Any person, group, or organization may submit entries, Energynomics team members included.

Q: What time framework of the implementation of the project do you take into consideration?

A: The reference time frame is November 2022 – October 2023. We consider mostly the projects completed during this period and only as an exception those initiated and/or completed beyond this timeframe when they are considered as relevant novelties.

Q: Can government agencies, municipalities and non-profit organizations submit entries?

A. Yes, any organization may participate.

Q: When is the entry deadline?

A: For the 2022 edition, the submitting entries deadline is on November 14th. Applications can be submitted from 14 October. This is the full calendar of this year’s Energynomics Awards:

  • 14 October to 14 November 10.30 AM – Gathering the candidate projects
  • 18 November – The candidate projects are submitted to the Jury
  • 20 November – The Jury completes its first evaluation of projects. Jurors may request additional information.
  • 26 November – The Jury receives additional information, if requested.
  • 29 November – The Jury will determine the winning Projects.
  • 14 November to 6 December – Presentation of the candidate projects on
  • 7 December – Announcing the winners

Q: Is there any standard registration form or a submitting guide?

A: Yes, there is a standard proposal registration form. You can download it HERE.

Q: Can we attach any other additional materials (photos, videos)?

A: Yes, you can attach any other materials. We kindly request you to specify this by a tick in the relevant box of the registration form.

Q: Are there entry fees?

A: No, access to the competition is free and open to any organization – company, NGO, association – operating in the Romanian energy sector, regardless of size, sector of activity or shareholder structure.

Q: Are entry forms kept confidential?

A: No. However, the organizers ensure that only the judges will review entries, and that information about nominees is not released to anyone else before the Energynomics Awards Gala. Generic info on each of the entries will be printed in the Gala Brochure distributed to the guests and Energynomics Awards winning entries will be published on the website.

Q. Why are the submission requirements for most categories so loosely defined?

A. The submission requirements are loosely defined in recognition that every organization is unique in its culture, its accomplishments, and in how and why it seeks recognition. The submission requirements are structured so that each organization may determine and cite its own achievements in its own way. More strictly defined requirements would narrow the focus of the awards, which the organizers did not want to do.

Judging and valuation

Q: Who are the judges?

A: Each year the Energynomics Awards are judged by 6 to 9 leading personalities in the Romanian energy industry.

Q: What criteria do the judges apply?

A: The awards aim to promote approaches, ideas and people that meet the following fundamental principles.

SUCCESS – the proposals should prove commercial success in the activity sector of the respective company.
IMPACT – the proposals must have a measurable impact on the energy sector, upon the community or the economy as a whole.
INNOVATION – the proposals should have introduced the Romanian energy sector with certain products/services / innovative business practices which contribute to the healthy development of the business.

Q: How is the Jury deliberation and vote organized?

A: For the first three editions, each juror individually evaluated each application based on the information submitted by the candidates and made available in a comparable format by the Energynomics team. The vote was conducted electronically through the automatic aggregation of votes from all jurors (1st place – 5 points, second place – 4 points, third place – 3 points, fourth place – 2 points, fifth place – 1 point).

The jury will meet (one day between November 16 and November 25) to deliberate and decide the winners of each category, based on information submitted by the candidates and made available in a comparable format by the Energynomics team.

Awards Ceremony

Q: When will the 2023 Energynomics Awards ceremony take place?

A: This year’s Energynomics Awards Gala will take place on Thursday, December 7th.

Q: Is there any dress code imposed for the Gala evening?

A: Yes, black tie is recommended.

Q: How can I participate at the 2023 Energynomics Awards Gala?

A: Given the extraordinary circumstances of this anniversary year, we expect interest in attending the ceremony on 7 December to be very high. We invite you to express your interest in being present by using the e-mail address office at

Q: Will the awards ceremony be recorded?

A: Yes, the awards ceremony will be recorded entirely. The presentations will be edited and excerpts will be made available on the Energynomics YouTube channel.

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