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Vestra: Turnover of 21 mln. euro, increase in the segment dedicated to utilities

9 May 2022
Bogdan Tudorache

Vestra, a Romanian company with over 25 years of experience in the utilities and automation equipment industry, announces a turnover in 2021 of 21 million euros, up 7% compared to 2020. The company has registered an upward trend in business due to unlocking certain projects that have slowed down or stopped in 2020, amid the pandemic and accessing new opportunities, most of which consist of European-funded projects. The company is also expanding its business into a related field – business aviation.

“After a period of restrictions caused by the pandemic, in which the main economic sectors seemed to be numb, last year the activity began to return to normal with timid but confident steps. Thus, we started to relaunch blocked projects, but also to access new opportunities. In addition, we have strengthened the IT division for both smart cities and cyber security projects. In the IoT (Internet of Things) era, the two directions need an integrated approach to be truly sustainable,” said Vlad Iftime, Managing Partner of Vestra.

The company’s business strategy is to provide “smart” solutions, ensuring the efficient implementation of public utility projects and smart metering through specific communications, all of which contribute to the protection of the environment, an important vector of Vestra.

Of the company’s two main business divisions, last year the utilities division grew by 9% compared to 2020, both due to the acceleration of some projects and the attraction of new customers in 2021. Modernization of infrastructure and utility networks, especially projects for water and heat networks were the most requested services.

“In 2022, the key word for us is the development of both us and our customers. In this direction, we will continue to work on plans to increase sales and invest even more in digitalization, where we plan to launch an e-commerce platform for our customers. The focus of our IT department will be on SMART communities and cities. We are not afraid to grow and offer alternatives to current road infrastructure problems at the national level. Therefore, this year we plan to invest in the field of aviation for the business environment, an area underdeveloped in Romania, but which is growing in size from year to year,” adds Vlad Iftime.

Autor: Bogdan Tudorache

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