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The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance has announced a pipeline of over 750 projects

2 December 2021

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance has announced a pipeline of projects that European industry is undertaking to roll out the European hydrogen economy on a large scale. Featuring over 750 projects, the pipeline is testimony to the size and dynamism of the European hydrogen industry. Projects range from clean hydrogen production to its use in industry, mobility, energy and buildings. They are located in all four corners of Europe. The objective of the project pipeline is to provide an overview of hydrogen projects, to promote the emergence of a European hydrogen industry by enabling networking and match-making, to profile projects and give them visibility including with potential investors.

“More than 600 projects are planned to enter operation by 2025”, said Internal Market Commissioner Thierry Breton. “I am confident that these breakthrough innovations will help us to meet our climate change objectives, strengthen our industrial resilience and technological leadership, and contribute to job creation.”

Most of the projects are in the hydrogen production area. The mobility sector follows, and then industrial applications and transmission & distribution.

There is no project from Romania among those listed by the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance. Bulgaria has at least 10. Among them there is the Hydrogenica projects for hydrogen production in Severozapaden and centralized heat and power for Belene. Green Innovation has several projects at the refinery in Burgas and the industrial zones Razgrad and Vidin. There is also a hydrogen project for Sofia, a hydrogen-powered plant in Maritsa and a modular off-grid hydrogen PEM electrolyzer with DC connection to photovoltaic power sources, run by the Association of Energy Engineers.

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance was set up by the Commission in July 2020, in support of the EU Hydrogen Strategy, with the objective to stimulate the rollout of clean hydrogen production and use in Europe. One of its main tasks is to develop an investment agenda and pipeline of investment projects presented today during the Hydrogen Forum. The Alliance also published a report identifying barriers to the deployment of clean hydrogen and possible mitigating measures. It currently has over 1,500 members. The Alliance project pipeline is based on a collection of projects from members of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance that were subsequently assessed by the Commission against a set of well-defined criteria, including greenhouse gas emission reduction, minimum size and project maturity. The pipeline is searchable by project type, location, company and start date.


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