SIXT GROUP won the tender to deliver 20 electric buses and 25 charging stations, in Constanța


New Kopel Car Import, part of SIXT GROUP ROMANIA, won the tender for the delivery of 20 BYD electric buses, 12 meters, with low floor, 20 slow recharging stations and 5 fast charging stations, in Constanta. The contract, with a duration of 24 months from the signing, is part of the project “Acquisition of public transport – electric buses 12 meters ses, Alba Iulia, Buzău, Constanța, Ploiești”.

It is the second auction won by New Kopel Car Import, part of SIXT GROUP ROMANIA after the one in Buzau where 9 electric buses, 3 fast charging stations and 9 slow charging stations will be delivered.

The delivery of the new eBus fleet without emissions, in Constanta, is scheduled for the beginning of 2022. Most of the vehicles will be built at the dedicated BYD production unit in Komárom, Hungary.

In 2018, New Kopel Car Import, part of SIXT GROUP ROMANIA, became an importer of BYD buses and electric vehicles for Romania. BYD is the largest manufacturer and seller of electric cars and buses worldwide, with over 100,000 electric vehicles sold annually.

BYD electric buses are unique in their high range, AC charging capabilities, which translate into low infrastructure and charging costs, extended warranty on batteries and systems, efficient regeneration / braking performance and modern quality buses.

BYD has delivered over 40,000 electric buses worldwide, with a significant European presence, with both production facilities in Hungary and France, as well as many buses in Italy, England, the Netherlands, Israel and more. BYD buses range from 8.7-meter, 10.8-meter, 12-meter articulated buses, 13-meter buses and 18-meter articulated buses. With over 220,000 employees, BYD presents itself as a pioneer in the journey to a zero-emission ecosystem, after more than 20 years of experience in the field of research, development and production of batteries, which translates into the largest production capacity of the iron-phosphorus battery.


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