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SIREN – Romanian Energy Symposium | Romanian energy sector – The chance for a new beginning (6-8 Sep)

14 July 2021
Don't miss!

The Romanian Energy Symposium – SIREN 2021, with the theme “Romanian Energy Sector – The chance for a new beginning” will be organized by the Romanian National Committee of the World Energy Council (CNR-CME), under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy, online, during 6- September 8, 2021.

The multitude of external factors with an impact on the Romanian energy sector (the health crisis and the new European vision of a climate-neutral energy sector) and internal (the need to rethink investment priorities) generate the conditions for a new vision and a new approach to the sector, its development in the perspective of a new beginning. The accelerating pace of technology transformation and the emergence of new technologies in the energy sector require the readjustment of related policies, transposed through an appropriate legislative and regulatory framework.

In this context and in conjunction with the declared mission of CNR-CME, it was considered useful to organize a biennial National Energy Symposium (SIREN) to analyze issues regarding the transition of the Romanian energy sector to the targets targeted by Romania as an EU member state and which – through the resulting conclusions – can contribute to the realization of correct decisions. SIREN will be organized in odd years, while FOREN (Regional Energy Forum) will be organized in even years.

“The necessity and importance of the event are given by the opportunity to launch economically in the European Union, relaunch the European economy and promote funding and aid programs,” said CNR-CME President Iulian Iancu, referring to European initiatives Green Deal, Next Generation, Just Transition Fund. “It is necessary to redraw the entire legislative framework, Fit for 55 package, which involves changing the law on electricity, renewable energy, energy efficiency, therefore, primary legislation,” said Iulian Iancu.

Iulian Iancu also highlighted the differences between FOREN – Regional Energy Forum and SIREN – Romanian Energy Symposium, both events organized by CNR-CME. “FOREN is sponsored by the World Energy Council, where we approach themes in general, European themes, global themes, but we did not dedicate ourselves exclusively to Romania. Now, this is becoming an opportunity, precisely because these topics are on the agendas of Romania and Europe. It is a necessity to have a symposium dedicated to energy and the Romanian economic environment, SIREN, generated by these themes and opportunities. SIREN will be organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Energy, and all companies and energy experts participate in the event, who will discuss the news and opportunities in the sector”.

The SIREN 2021 symposium, from September 6-8, 2021, is structured on four discussion panels (in successive sessions):

  • Panel 1 General policies on energy transition
  • Panel 2 Government Programs and Investment Policies
  • Panel 3 Innovative technologies
  • Panel 4 Trade policies, market, consumer

“The purpose of SIREN 2021 is to emphasize Romania’s orientation towards a strategic direction, towards the vision on energy strategy, relevant projects, country opportunities, funding sources, equipment industry and, last but not least, the educational program for training new staff and new specialists. The entire debate will be materialized in a document – summary, which will be made available for consideration to economic and political decision makers, as well as local authorities,” said in turn Mr. Stefan Gheorghe – Executive Director of CNR-CME.

CNR-CME invites all those interested to register for the 2021 SIREN Symposium by accessing the link:

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