Romania exported over 1,800 MW of electricity on Tuesday morning


Romania exported on Tuesday morning a significant amount of electricity, of over 1,800 MW, amid a large production of renewable energy, according to data on the state of the national energy system, posted in real time on the Transelectrica website and analyzed by Agerpres.

Thus, at 11:30, the country’s consumption was 7,261 MW, production was 9,122 MW, and the difference of 1,861 MW was exported.

Hydropower plants covered 36% of production, and wind turbines – 28% of the total.

Other sources of coal production – 10.56%, hydrocarbons – 10.50%, nuclear – 7.7%, photovoltaic – 6.2%, biomass – 0.7%.

The entire country is on Tuesday, until 23:00, under a Yellow Code warning of sustained wind intensifications and significant amounts of water, according to a warning issued by the National Meteorological Administration.


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