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CEZ Vânzare and the CSR Nest Association launch a project to combat energy poverty

18 May 2021

CEZ Vânzare launches the regional competition “Energy Shelter”, through which it grants RON 39,000 for the implementation of a project that reduces the risks associated with energy poverty among vulnerable customers. Until June 14, NGOs from segments such as the eradication of precarious housing, social services, social housing and community development can apply, the company said.

For 2 years, CEZ Vânzare has joined the European project SocialWatt and together they are fighting to reduce the phenomenon of energy poverty.

“Through the ‘Energy Shelter’ competition, we also support the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal 7, ‘Clean and Affordable Energy’, which opens new horizons for smart solutions and alternative energy sources,” CEZ officials said.

In its first edition, the competition aims to reduce energy poverty by providing access to modern energy services among household customers of CEZ Vânzare, from vulnerable groups.

The mechanism is simple: non-governmental organizations compete with the proposed project and, after verifying eligibility and judging, the winning project will be chosen.

“The collaboration with SocialWatt allowed us to address a worrying phenomenon, energy poverty, and to want more to build sustainable communities in the Oltenia area. If last year we launched #PromisiuneaPentruAcasă, an information campaign on energy efficiency, now we aim to find concrete solutions for exposed customers. ‘Shelter with Energy’ becomes a protective shield through which, together with our partners from the CSR Nest Association, we prepare the homes for a better future,” said Cornelia Szabo, President of the CEZ Vânzare Directorate.

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