Popescu: Government intends to provide quantitative compensation for energy injected into the grid by prosumers


Romanian government intends to provide quantitative compensation to prosumers for the energy injected into the grid, as the price received is very low, said Virgil Popescu, Minister of Energy.

“We need Romania to be part of these changes, to be part of this revolution, including in the field of construction, energy efficiency. Let’s not forget that the first change was made in Parliament towards the end of 2018-2019 in the Industries Commission, when, for the first time, we legislated in Romania the prosumer, that consumer who can put photovoltaic panels on his house and no longer have to go through the red tape of all agencies, authorities in order to use and give the surplus in the grid. This was done. First with 27 kW, then raised to 100 kW. We managed this step, but it is not enough,” said Popescu.

“We have to think that it is not stimulating for the energy of the prosumer that is injected in the grid to be paid at a very low price. That is why the Government has undertaken in the governing program to change this and try to reach a quantitative compensation of the extra energy produced, so that I, prosumer, give you, the supplier, a quantity and take from you the same amount. In this way I think we could stimulate prosumerism much better and the installation of photovoltaic panels on houses would be done at a much faster pace. Photovoltaic panels do not mean everything and that is why it is necessary for young students, teams from Romania and from all over the world to come and think of new house designs,” said Popescu, quoted by Agerpres.

At the end of 2018, the Regulatory Committee of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE) approved the regulatory package for the sale of electricity produced in power plants from renewable sources by prosumers.

The Parliament approved, in July 2018, Law no. 184/2018 for the approval of the Government Emergency Ordinance no. 24/2017 regarding the amendment and completion of Law no. 220/2008 for the establishment of the system for promoting the production of energy from renewable sources, which specifies: “Prosumers (or prosumers – no.) that have units for the production of electricity from renewable sources with an installed capacity of up to 27 kW per place of consumption may sells the electricity produced and delivered in the electricity network to the electricity suppliers with which they have concluded electricity supply contracts, according to ANRE regulations.” Later, the threshold surged to 100 kW.


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