ANRE: System and distribution operators, investments of 2.3 bln. lei related to last year


For 2020, total investments in the natural gas transmission and distribution systems worth 2.274 billion lei will be completed this year, announces the market arbitrator, ANRE.

The authority found that in 2020, investments in the total amount of 1.7 billion lei were completed by the transmission and system operator and the operators distributing natural gas.

At the same time, 98% of the planned investments in natural gas distribution systems were completed.

“In the national natural gas transmission system, investments were made in 2020 in a total amount of 1.249 billion lei, of which 809 million lei from the own funds of the transmission and system operator – SNTGN Transgaz SA and about 440 million lei from European funds. According to the information sent by the operator, it will complete the investments from own funds amounting to 555 million lei by October 31 of this year, so as to realize the investment plan for 2020 in full,” say ANRE officials.

The investment works were mainly focused on the expansion of systems for connecting new consumers, as well as modernization and development in order to ensure the operation of the systems in conditions of safety, efficiency and reliability in accordance with the approved performance standards.

The regulatory framework obliges the operators to make investments in the system in the amount of at least 95% of their total value included in the annual investment plan approved by ANRE for the respective year, with the possibility of recovering the delayed investments. Failure to comply with this obligation constitutes a contravention which is sanctioned with a fine from turnover.


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