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Partners for energy efficiency in the Romanian largest cities

20 October 2020

There are tested solutions and there are funds for new energy efficiency projects in large cities. In order to allow the shaping of a development vision, a stronger and more dynamic exchange of information is needed between public authorities, experts in the administration and private companies, operators called to implement in Romania technologies and business models that have proved successful around the world. The conference “Digitalization and Energy Efficiency – Iasi”, organized on October 13, by Energynomics, brought together various stakeholders and answered questions raised by some of the more than 170 participants registered in the online platform MyConnector. The event was supported by ABB, ACE Software Industrial, Kawasaki, Signify, Photomate.

Kawasaki wants to get involved in equipping hospitals and schools in Iasi

Kawasaki advances to the local authorities with solutions for power generation using conventional natural gas, but also using hydrogen – the new trend at the moment globally, says Cristian Athanasovici, Business Development Manager, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe.


“Kawasaki Gas Turbine produces gas turbines, internal combustion engines, but also has integrated solutions for cogeneration power plants, for different types of consumers – industrial or urban, he also said. „Kawasaki Heavy produces a lot of equipment and has solutions for many different industries. We produce ships that transport liquefied hydrogen, today, high-speed trains, airplanes, aircraft engines, motorcycles and high-precision robots. Since 2018, the Energy Division, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe, established in Germany, near Frankfurt, also has a representative office for South-Eastern Europe in Romania,” Athanasovici explained.

“Kawasaki has a very clear goal – energy saving and it has flexibility in the solutions it offers, not only based on conventional fuel, but also based on hydrogen. We operate in all industrial sectors, from paper and pharma industries, tires and even district heating systems, with the aim of minimizing the pollutant emissions. We have energy solutions for university campuses and hospitals, including trigeneration solutions – which means the simultaneous production of power and heat or cold for air conditioning, but also steam, for the sterilization of medical instruments, for example”.

ABB provides complete solutions for electric buses

Future trends include urbanization, digitalization, integration of alternative energies and integration of new consumers, said Constantin Ichimoaei, Executive Manager, ABB România. “Electric vehicles will account for over 55% of the total market by 2040. The electric mobility market is growing at a record pace. The reason why private customers choose electric vehicles is because they care for the environment, for their families. Lower battery prices and stricter emissions regulations also encourage a focus on electric vehicles”, he added. In the case of electric buses, charging can take place at the depot, overnight, at 25-150kW, within 6-8 hours.


He also mentioned the solutions for charging “on the route”. Charging during daily operation, at scheduled stops or in at a rest stop, provides an ideal solution to ensure zero-emission public transport during the day, without an impact on the normal operation of the vehicle on the route. Charging time is usually between 3 and 6 minutes and requires an automated connection device and high power charging.

Răzvan Copoiu: In public lighting, remote management is very important

In public lighting, it is very important to consider remote management, says Răzvan Copoiu, CEO of Signify for Romania and South-Eastern Europe. Not only from the perspective of energy saving, which is the main benefit, but also from the point of view of security. “If a luminaire adjusts its intensity on its own – to illuminate either less when there is no traffic in the area, or more when the area is crowded, or if it adjusts its color – for example, in foggy conditions, only then can we talk about proper and safe lighting”, he said.


Companies operating in the public lighting sector track the programs of the Environmental Fund Administration – AFM for local authorities. “We are open to offer technical consultancy and to find solutions for any kind of public lighting, especially now, when we will benefit from European funds. It’s about smart lighting, through tele-management, and some auctions have already been made in this respect – it’s not something new for town halls. We can also discuss the increase in interactivity, given that lighting fixtures can now also provide high-speed internet in their area of action. The architectural segment is also important, as shown by the Palace of Culture in Iasi, where Signify took care of the exterior lighting”, he added.

Adrian Paraschiv, Photomate: We expect growth in the Romanian market

Photomate, a company established in the Czech Republic, is active at European level in seven other countries, said Adrian Paraschiv, Country Manager Photomate.

In 2019, Photomate had in its portfolio projects in the markets in Ukraine, with 997 MW delivered in solar capacities, Poland, with 168 MW and Hungary, with 116 MW. “Unfortunately, Romania does not appear here, as the Romanian photovoltaic market was quite small, but it has a significant growth in 2020 and we expect it to continue to grow in 2021, both in the residential and in the industrial and large-scale segment. Projects are under discussion, the financing part must be completed”, said Paraschiv.

“Huawei technology allows an online check for faults, so the detection time is reduced by 80%”, he added, presenting the company’s solutions, among them Huawei’s optimized storage systems. Solar production is monitored online, and consumption is centralized, Huawei technology uses integrated artificial intelligence modules that also allow the avoidance of electric arc.

Aveva offers an aggregate centralization platform for smart city systems

“We are in a world that is constantly changing and even faster during this period, in a world where the trend of urbanization is growing exponentially, and it is increasingly difficult for local authorities to prioritize investment, as infrastructure ages and preferences the population are changing, whether we are talking about transport or consumption”, believes Liviu Drăgoi, Sales Manager ACE Industrial Software Solutions, distributor of Aveva in România, Bulgaria and Grecia.


Smart cities have specific traits and objectives: optimized traffic, with low congestion, rapid reactions in emergencies and optimized land use. Energy and water production facilities need to be safer, more sustainable.

“All this is done by different companies, with different solutions. What Aveva proposes is a solution installed on top of all monitoring solutions, for each branch. A solution capable of taking data from various vendors, centralizing it and contextualizing it for all interested people, who have different roles – for example, a city manager will only be interested in some aspects. Thus, the usage data on each transport line in consumption are correlated with the receipts, the operational data are aggregated with the financial ones, etc. Also in the case of lighting, office buildings, energy production units, water treatment plants, Aveva can offer information aggregation solutions, regardless of the platforms used”, Drăgoi added.

Such solutions are managed by Aveva through systems installed worldwide, from Barcelona to India, contributing to increased implementation efficiency by up to 80% and operational efficiency by up to 40%.

Costel Alexe (CJ Iași): Beyond smart city, we must also deal with disadvantaged communities

“We must understand that there are two totally different communities in our country. For example, we have totally different cities like Iași, where living conditions are very good, but we also have communities of people, in Iași county, too, where there is no asphalt, no water, no natural gas. So, before we talk about smart city, somehow we have to manage to bring closer those who do not have the same living conditions,”, said Costel Alexe, elected president of Iași County Council, former minister of Environment.

“The investments we have made, as a ministry, this year, in the environment or energy efficiency, have been important – we have managed for the first time to double the budget of the Environment Fund Administration, so that it invests in many green measures, he also said. He also mentioned buildings refurbishment. “The government, through the Minister of Environment, paid special attention this year to energy efficiency, especially for the building sector, which is the largest consumer of energy It is the first time in Romania when we launch a program of energy efficient for households and, in addition, it is in the final phase of public consultation the program for energy efficiency in the educational institutions. Through these two programs, we invest around 200 million euros, coming to the support of the population and of the educational units.”

Alexe added that Iași wanted to switch the CET Holboca 2 unit from coal to gas. “We would like to connect as much gas as possible to our county, which has a very low degree of connection.” Therefore, Transgaz’ investments in networks, especially the one to Ungheni, as well as having access to the POIM 750 million euros, for connection to the national grid, will be able to bring more buildings in the sphere of modern heating. “We have to bring investments to Iasi, regardless of the source of funds,” he ended.

The conference “Digitization and Energy Efficiency – Iași” was organized by Energynomics with the support of our partners ABB, ACE Software Industrial, Kawasaki, Signify, Photomate.

170 people have registered on the MyConnector platform to participate in the dialogue, representatives of organizations such as AB Instal, Acord Media Studio S.R.L, Adisun Smart Systems, Adrem Engineering, ALRO SA, ALUM Tulcea, AMADA VIVA, ambro sa, APA CANAL SIBIU S.A, APIA CONSULT, ARC Electronic SRL membru al SONEPAR, Arctic, Bosch Rexroth Sales SRL, BR ROmania, Business France, CEH Petrosani, Celco SA, Celestica, CFR SA, CIECH SODA ROMANIA, CIECH Soda Romania SA, CJ ApaServ SA, Cluj Innovation Park, CmT Electric, CN CFR SA, COGEN ROMANIA, Colgate, Colgate Palmolive, Compania de Apa Arad SA, Compania de apa Somes Cluj, Corduneanu Emanuel-Dan, Cybourn, DaniSan Consult, Delgaz Grid, DNC CALINA S.R.L., EcooLogica Naturii SRL, EGGER Romania S.R.L., Electric engineering and survey, electrica, electricaserv sa, Electromagnetica, Electrotehnica Consult SRL, ELEDAN ALL SERV ENERGY SRL, Elsaco, Energie Finanzierung und Kapital, Eneria Romania, ENGIE Ro, ERA, EXE GREEN HOLDING, Eximprod Grup, EY Romania, Facilities
Management Services, fastPark Co, Framatome, Geological Institute of Romania, GT srl, Hach-Lange, Hager Romania, Hidroelectrica, Iasi Municipality (Primaria Iasi), ICI Bucuresti, IJDELEA MIHAILESCU SPARL, INCDTCluj-Napoca, INCDTIM, INCDTIM CLUJ_NAPOCA, INCDTIM, Cluj-Napoca, Institutul National de Cercetare-Dezvoltare in Informatica, ISPH PROJECT DEVELOPMENT, Kawasaki Gas Turbine Europe GmbH, Liber profesionista, Liberty Steel Galati, Linde Gaz Romania, LSG Building Solutions, Masifpanel, Maslaev Consulting, MEN Industry Group, Michelin, MMC, National Institute for Research and Development in Informatics, ICI Bucharest, Novaservice, OMV Petrom, PFI, Photomate Romania, Pomarione Comp, Primaria Arad, PROCREDIT BANK, PROMELEK XXI S.A., QETICS, Quartz Matrix, Quartz Matrix, Repom, Roland Berger, S.C. AVIVA SRL, SAMER, SC Chimcomplex SA Borzesti, SC Pomarione Comp SRL, SC Sterk Plast, Servelect, Siemens SRL, Signify, Smart Factor, SmartGrider Electric SRL, SNTGN TRANSGAZ SA, Societati cotate BVB, sodexo, Solar Eco Systems SRL, Sunrise Trade, Technical University of Moldova, TECHNOSAM SRL, Teltonika Networks, Termoficare Oradea, Termoficare Oradea S.A., TimePal Romania SRL, TMD FRICTION ROMANIA, TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING S.A., Transylvania Energy Cluster, Univ. Tehnica – Iasi, Universitatea Petrol Gaze Ploiesti, Universitatea Politehnica Bucuresti, UPRUC, USAMV, UTIL APA PROIECT SRL, Valmet, vectis TET, von rental assets, WSP Romania Engineering.

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