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Mircea Bica: Nova Power & Gas focuses on digitalization, we are among the first to adapt to the new Network Code

6 April 2022
Bogdan Tudorache

Nova Power & Gas has been active in the energy business since 2005. The company’s activities include the production of electricity and the supply and distribution of electricity and gas, and the company is among the first to adapt to the requirements of the new Network Code.

“We use digital solutions in all these activities, including the distribution of energy. In the supply side, we have digital solutions for process automation, from contracting to invoicing”, said Mircea Bica, CTO, Nova Power & Gas, at the DigitALL 2022 conference organized by Energynomics.

Since 2014, the company has become a producer of renewable energy – photovoltaic. “We apply digital solutions for monitoring and streamlining production, and the last project we developed and put into operation last year, in September – a natural gas plant that provides system services, fully automated – uses state-of-the-art digital technology both in the internal processes part and in the interface part with the network operators and with the system operators – respectively Transelectrica. We are very well placed in the electricity market, both from a commercial point of view and based on various technologies”, added Mircea Bica.

“We have a local SCADA that ensures the interface between the technological processes of the plant, of the groups, so it collects data from the respective groups, processes them and transmits them through a protocol accepted by the network operators, respectively Electrica and the system operator – Transelectrica, to get into their monitoring and control systems. Also, in addition to the technical data that reaches them – respectively current, measures, tasks, we can also receive the dispatcher commands, respectively loading-unloading, starting-stopping groups. Everything happens in digital format, through the platform. We are also integrated into Transelectrica’s balancing market platform, also through a digital format. We are the first to manage to do this under the new technical rules. The new Network Code has come with additional requirements and we are the first to comply, with the entry into force of the technical requirements of the new Network Code”, explained Mircea Bica.

The most interesting technology today, the most trendy, is the power production from renewable sources, especially photovoltaic. However, Nova Power & Gas also pursues classic technologies that can ensure the integration of these renewable energies into the system. “We also need classic technologies, and the connection and mode of operation integrated into a system of these various types of technologies is done through digitalization and automation,” added Mircea Bica.

DigitALL 2022 was organized by Energynomics, in partnership with reputed organizations such as CIO Council and BusinessMark, with the support of our partners: ACE – Industrial Software Solutions, Eaton Electric, Nova Power & Gas, Procesio, SAS Romania, Safetech Innovations, Siemens România.

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