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DigitALL 2022

10 Mar 2022 @ 10:00 - 18:00

On March 10, al Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bucharest, we organize the 3rd edition of the largest Energynomics’ conference on digitalization for the energy industry in Romania, bringing together companies and experts from energy, IT and finance: DigitALL 2021. Following the success of the DigitALL 2020 and DigitALL 2021 editions, Energynomics will bring together for a day the most influential decision-makers from three ever-increasingly interconnected industries for a discussion on the 2022 trends in the digital world impacting the energy sector.

DigitALL 2022 will bring together more than 20 speakers – senior officials from the Government and relevant authorities, top managers of large companies, representatives of professional associations, Romanian and foreign experts from academia and universities.

The DigitALL 2022 conference is designed to provide a fruitful communication and networking platform for CIOs and other C Level decision-makers from leading organizations in Energy, IT and Financial Services. Attendees will engage in moderated debates for sharing insights and knowledge with industry leaders and experts with respect to the opportunities and challenges entailed by digital transformation in various economic fields.

DigitALL 2022 is organized by Energynomics, in partnership with reputed organizations such as CIO CouncilBusinessMark with the support of our partners: ACE – Industrial Software Solutions, Eaton Electric, Nova Power & Gas, Procesio, SAS Romania, Safetech Innovations, Siemens România.



On February 24 we will advocate for the necessary – because the inevitable – convergence of several economic fields in a connected, virtual, data-driven world of digital realities. Beyond seeing each other mainly on digital communication platforms, all important economic sectors and activities – among them energy, finance, transportation, communication – advance towards digitalized realities which make the boundaries blurry and invite to similar approaches across all the fields.

We will address the hot topics of the moment for the Romanian and regional economies and societies, in 3 plenary sessions, for taking a competent look at the trends, leaders, solutions and synergies for industry, municipalities, and each of us. DigitALL 2021 aims at providing all those interested – Government, Parliament, local public authorities, regulators, external partners – with a common ground for future steps.

AGENDA – tentative


10:00-10:05 Opening speech from the organizers

10:05-10:20 Keynote Speech – Sabin Sărmaș, President of the Commission for Information and Communications Technology, Chamber of Deputies (recorded message)

10:20-11:45 1st PLENARY PANEL – Digitalization for increased efficiency

Digital tools are for many years the focal point for many private organizations for their potential to speed up processes, to increase quality and productivity, to reap the best of powerful communication and analytics. The public sector is only now embarking on a path of wide digitalization, ready to take into consideration as enablers technologies and concepts like 5G, cloud, analytics, AI and machine learning, privacy, blockchain solutions, RPAs. Which of these are already part of the energy industry? Where is the public intervention most needed in order to make them part of the mainstream?

  • OANA BUCUR, Leader Task Force Digitalization, FPPG
  • GABRIEL TACHE, Country Sales Manager, Eaton Romania (online)
  • COSMIN GHIȚĂ, Director Directorate DIGITALIZATION AND INNOVATION Distribuție Oltenia
  • MIRCEA BICA, CTO Nova Power & Gas
  • LIVIU DRĂGOI, Sales Manager ACE Industrial Software Solutions


12:10-12:20 Keynote Speech – Yugo Neumorni, President of the CIO Council

12:20-13:50 2nd PLENARY PANEL – Digitalization for better safety

The pandemics have shed new light on automation/digitization in industry and government so that almost all current activities can be carried out remotely to reduce health risks. Digital tools enable and encourage the remote and safe handling of large data sets, equipment, and the rapid implementation of decisions. At the same time, there is no cyber without security! Did the relevance of IoT increase in Romania last year? How can technologies such as 5G, sensors and real-time edge computing solutions be used for enhanced operational and financial performance? What is the role and place of cyber security systems in modern industrial organizations? What are the specific security needs of the energy industry? What patterns of behavior and approach can be taken from other industries?

  • AUGUSTIN IONESCU, Head of Digital Grid Smart Infrastructure, Siemens România
  • ANDREI COVATARIU, Member of the Task Force on Digitalization in Energy, United Nations Economic Commission for Europe
  • DANIEL PISARU, Chief Commercial Officer Safetech Innovations
  • THEODOR LIVINSCHI, founder partnerg-i

13:50-14:20 Hands-on approach MARINEL STĂNILĂ, Information Security Advisory Manager, Safetech Innovations


15:00-16:20 3rd PLENARY PANEL – Digitalization for better decisions

As companies throughout the energy industry seek to modernize and stay relevant during a period of massive transition, digital tools will play a key role in helping firms of all shapes and sizes embrace new ways of doing business. Entering the digital transformation process is a C-level decision and it works better when there is a clear top-down approach put in place, communicated and monitored. How has the work environment changed in energy companies with the advent of digital tools? What is the relevance of digital tools in the energy transition? Has there been a growing interest in analytics systems that would turn the huge amount of data available into understanding? What is the role of artificial intelligence in decision-making? How do energy companies integrate and develop demand for new technologies? How close are the energy companies to the dream of real-time visibility?

  • MIRCEA MODRAN, CIO Electrica (online)
  • HORIA TODORAN, General Manager Bosch Rexroth Sales (online)
  • FLORIN RĂDUCU, Senior Account Executive, SAS Romania

16:20-16:35 Invitat special Ian Barkin, Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, LinkedIn Learning Instructor, and Speaker on all things ‘Future of Work’ (online)

16:35-16:40 Conclusions


  • The trends of 2022 in the digital world
  • The European Digital Agenda for Energy
  • Developing a European data-sharing infrastructure for energy
  • Data collection and data standardization in European Data Spaces and Governance
  • NRRP – the impact on the digitalization of energy, finance and public administration
  • AI, Automation, Machine learning & Robotics change the Business Landscape
  • Improved business processes based on Automated Software
  • Challenges in deployment of Cyber Defense for large organizations
  • Cybersecurity for SCADA and industrial control systems
  • The block chain technology – improving/changing/inventing businesses
  • Workforce in the digital world: people & robots




Ian Barkin
Entrepreneur, Founder, Investor, LinkedIn Learning Instructor, and Speaker on all things 'Future of Work'.

Yugo Neumorni
president of CIO Council Romania

Sabin Sărmaș
President of the Commission for information and Communications Technology, Chamber of Deputies

Augustin Ionescu
Siemens România

Liviu Drăgoi
Sales Manager ACE Industrial Software Solutions

Gabriel Tache
Country Sales Manager, Eaton Romania

Daniel Pisaru
Chief Commercial Officer Safetech Innovations

Oana Bucur
Leader Task Force Digitalization, FPPG

Andrei Covatariu
Task Force Member - Digitalization in Energy @ UNECE

Mihai Dârzan
Founder, CEO Procesio

Florin Răducu
Senior Account Executive, SAS România

Mircea Modran
CIO Electrica SA

Mircea Bica
CTO Nova Power & Gas

Theodor Livinschi
founder partnerg-i

Cosmin Ghiță
Director Direcția DIGITALIZARE ȘI INOVARE Distribuție Oltenia

Marinel Stănilă
Information Security Advisory Manager, Safetech Innovations


Gabriel Avăcăriței, Chief Editor Energynomics


Denisa Nicola
4 021 230 20 22
[email protected]