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Laszlo Borbely: Romania will have a new strategy for circular economy

2 July 2021
General Interest

Bogdan Tudorache

Romania is not doing well in terms of sustainable development, being on the last places at European level, but in a month works on a new strategy for the circular economy will start, said on Thursday Laszlo Borbely, State Adviser to the Prime Minister’s Office and coordinator of the Department of Sustainable Development within the General Secretariat of the Government.

According to him, by the end of the year we will have an action plan made by a consultant, on European funds.

“Regarding the circular economy, Romania must have a strategy, because we are talking about a new concept. The discussion will start in a month, we will come with a draft. Also, the decarbonization of Romania is a difficult thing. Hydrogen is perhaps the most ambitious project in the energy talks, and Romania can become a regional leader, together with the offshore wind sector. We’re not bad at green energy, but it doesn’t mean we don’t have to do more,” Borbely said.

“We have a strategy for sustainable development of Romania in 2018, with targets and objectives 2020 and 2030. Based on 98 indicators we made an analysis. We are not very well. But I want to tell you that, for example, Jeffrey Sachs and his team do a dashboard every year on how 167 countries in the world perform on sustainable development Romania is on an honorable 39th place, we are close to the United States of America, but that does not mean we are well. There are some gray areas where they have no data. If we look at the European Union, unfortunately, if we take the 17 objectives, we are last or almost on the last place in terms of Romania’s situation,” said Borbely, quoted by Agerpres.

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