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Gasoline and diesel prices, up 6 bani per liter

4 January 2021

Gasoline and diesel became more expensive at the pump by 6 bani (0.06 RON) per liter starting with January 1, as a result of the increases in excise duties operated according to the Fiscal Code.

Thus, from January 1, the excise duty for unleaded gasoline has a value of 1,827.13 lei per thousand liters, increasing from 1,773.46 per thousand liters, according to the Ministry of Finance.

Also, for diesel, the excise duty increases to 1,674.55 / thousand liters, from 1,625.37 lei per thousand liters.

These increases have led to an increase of 6 bani, on average, for the price of gasoline and diesel in gas stations, given that taxes (excise and VAT) represent about half of the final price of these products, show the calculations of oil companies.

The largest gas station chains on the Romanian market are OMV Petrom, Rompetrol, Lukoil, Mol, Socar and Gazprom.

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