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Energy from renewable sources: the key to a low-emission future (P)

25 July 2022

At Weidmüller we support the transition to renewable energy through the solutions we develop, including our range of solutions for photovoltaic applications, PV Next, the world’s first junction box based on standardized printed wiring design.

The innovative concept covers about 75% of today’s standard requirements, allowing PV installers to work faster and more cost-effectively. The integrated PUSH IN technology reduces assembly times and minimizes the risk of errors and their potential consequences.



The unique printed wiring harness design allows quick and easy integration of additional functions. For example, a switch can be integrated or a second MPPT can be connected directly to the first printed wiring harness.



With PUSH IN connection technology, PV-Next offers the easiest and safest connection concept for wiring. Installation can be done without crimping and without special tools.



Intuitive design and PUSH IN connection technology facilitate safer installation and quality assurance. Tight screw connection at improper torque is eliminated as one of the main fire hazards.

Junction boxes are an important component of every PV system. They not only connect the different parts of the system, but also protect the PV system against power surges. Weidmüller has recently added a compact design variant to its portfolio for installation in different types of premises – the PV Next “Mini”. The PV Next range of solutions is compatible with all types of inverters in Europe.


PV Next “Mini” – compact connection boxes

Often PV boxes are mounted extremely close to the PV modules to save cable. This requires extremely small junction boxes. With its compact dimensions of only 200 x 200 x 132, the PV Next “Mini” can be installed even in the smallest space under the roof. At the same time, the simple plug & play design reduces installation time and the amount of cable.


Overvoltage protection

Despite its compact size, the PV Next ‘Mini’ can keep up with its larger counterparts when it comes to functionality. The connection box contains key components for short-circuiting and surge protection, protecting the system from surges caused by lightning strikes, for example. VARITECTOR surge protection products, available for different classes of VPU I PU (type I+II) and VPU II PV (type II) arresters, which are installed in the PV Next “Mini” protect the PV system from interference that may occur due to lightning strikes and occasional short circuits. The overvoltage arrester status can be continuously monitored using the integrated signaling contact. The installation of surge arresters has become mandatory in the European Union as of 2019, under the EN 51643-32:2020 standard. This requirement applies to both new systems and in expansion or modification work on existing PV systems.


Modern design

The efficiency of photovoltaic systems depends on a variety of factors. MPP trackers integrated in inverters ensure that the energy transmitted by PV modules is optimally coordinated with the current level of radiation and temperature in the surroundings. The MPP tracker identifies the point with the most efficient and optimal energy distribution. PV Next “Mini” is available in versions with one and two MPPT inputs. Users also have the option to choose between ready configured boxes with WM4C connectors as a plug & play solution, or distribution boxes with PUSH-IN connection. Installation is particularly easy thanks to the PUSH-IN connection system, without the need for special tools. This reduces working time and potential connection errors.

The PV Next “Mini” series has been specially designed for small spaces. The standardized, very compact design of the product series ensures optimal thermal and mechanical operation of all integrated components. The enclosures are designed for ambient temperatures from -40 to 50 °C and comply with IEC 61439-2 ed2 specifications. Ready to use for strings up to 15A and even up to 1100V.

There are now more than 70 variants that are simple to use and easily scalable, offering a whole new level of flexibility. Thanks to the two production facilities in Europe, not only is the quality of the components high, but also availability and fast shipping are ensured.


72h Sample Box PV – Get to know the benefits of our PV components – with a free sample!

From simple PV stick use to simple wire connection with PUSH IN connection technology.


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