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Enel, the first Italian company to sign up to the B Team responsible tax principles

1 June 2021
General Interest

Enel becomes the first Italian company to sign up to the B Team Responsible Tax Principles, developed by the international B Team group to promote responsible and sustainable fiscal practices.

“We firmly believe that tax transparency promotes sustainable development,” said Alberto De Paoli, CFO of the Enel Group.

“In line with the new concept of stakeholder capitalism that guides our actions, we are convinced that companies, now more than ever, must play an important role in contributing to the economic, social and sustainable progress of the countries where they are present. In addition to the investment generated, job opportunities and adequate long-term growth, this contribution is also directly linked to paying our fair share of taxes. Joining the B Team Responsible Tax Principles serves as further confirmation of the importance the Enel Group gives to the tax variable and the role it plays in the development of our society.”

The B Team Responsible Tax Principles were devised by a group of multinational companies, with the assistance of representatives of civil society, investors and international institutions, and were unveiled in February 2018 at the Tax & SDG Conference at the United Nations headquarters in New York. These principles represent the earliest joint effort made by a group of cross-sectoral and inter-regional companies to define best practice in seven key areas of taxation, from corporate governance to relations with the authorities and all stakeholders, all in the name of transparent conduct.

Enel’s adherence to the Responsible Tax Principles is a major signal to emphasize and confirm the Group’s enduring understanding that taxation constitutes another crucial aspect of corporate sustainability. Enel encourages the adoption of responsible corporate tax practices in all countries where it operates, in support of equitable and effective tax systems that contribute to society and to sustainable development.

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