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E.ON finances the construction of a school for 240 children in a town badly affected by the earthquake in Turkey

19 September 2023
General Interest

Energy company E.ON, based in Essen, Germany and its employees are financing the construction of a primary school in the Turkish city of Hatay, which was severely affected by the devastating earthquakes of February 2023. Immediately after they occurred, the company launched a fundraising campaign of funds at the level of the whole group, in which several E.ON units and numerous employees participated. The new building includes eight classrooms for a total of 240 primary school children and will be completed by early 2024. In addition, there will be facilities for sports activities and a school garden. E.ON’s Turkish subsidiary EnerjiSA and its employees decided to use the donated amount of over 1.1 million euros. The attractive market environment has allowed E.ON to significantly pre-finance funding needs for the upcoming financial year 2024, while the funding requirement for 2023 was already covered with €1.8 billion in bonds in January.

“The sheer scale of the disaster has massively affected many of our customers, colleagues and their families. We are all very affected by this. Through the construction of the new school we want to support local families, making it possible to continue the courses for children”, said Victoria Ossadnik, member of the Board of Directors of E.ON SE.

“Thank you to E.ON and its employees for their unbureaucratic help. It is extremely important for the families in Hatay and the other destroyed towns that their children can go back to school in the near future. This remarkable project is based on great mutual trust and strengthens the bond between the companies,” added Murat Pinar, CEO of EnerjiSA.

The construction of the school is coordinated and supervised by the Sabanci Foundation, the non-profit organization of the Turkish industrial and financial conglomerate Sabanci. Together, Sabanci and E.ON are the main shareholders of the joint venture EnerjiSA.

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