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Romania to include in NECP more ambitious targets for renewable energy

19 September 2023

The RWEA and RPIA associations will launch on 21 September the “Code of Good Practice for Renewable Energy in Romania”, a document whose updated edition responds to the state of the sector today.

The message from DG Energy Deputy Director-General Mechthild Woersdoerfer reinforces that Romania needs to set more ambitious national targets and accelerate the development and commissioning of new renewable energy capacity. “The Commission encourages Romania to review its contribution to be in line with the EU’s increased 2030 target for renewable energy and to implement appropriate policies and measures to achieve it.” The current review of the National Energy and Climate Plans is the perfect opportunity to do this, the European official added.

The message has already reached Bucharest, as Energy Minister Sebastian Burduja confirms that “national energy priorities focus on new investments needed to increase the contribution of renewable energy in the energy mix”. The official cites exploiting the potential of offshore renewables in the Black Sea, large-scale electricity storage and the use of hydrogen to decarboniza hard-to-electrify sectors.

“In view of the European Commission’s new targets under the REPowerEU plan, i.e., to increase the share of renewable energy in total gross consumption at EU level from 40% to 45% by 2030, Romania is in the process of updating the NECP, on which occasion a new target for renewable energy will be proposed,” the Minister confirms.

He recalls that a first step has already been taken through the NRRP, which foresees an increase in the share of renewable energy compared to the target set by the NECP, to 34%. In order to reach this target, investments in new production capacity of 950 MW of electricity from renewable sources (solar and onshore wind) are planned, with an allocation of 460 million euros.

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