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Competition: Fuel price hikes are huge, but we have no signs of a carte

16 June 2022
General Interest

Although fuel price hikes are continuing, the Competition Council claims that there are no indications of possible cartel agreements between suppliers.

“Fuel price increases are undoubtedly huge, I feel them when I go to the pump and refuel, but on the other hand I tell you that we have not identified any indications of cartel-type agreements,” said on Thursday Dan Virgil Pascu, vice president Competition Council. He said it was a global trend of rising prices, according to Hotnews.

“The price curves in Romania are parallel to the price curves in the EU, we are a little lower than the EU average. I know it’s not comforting, we have less purchasing power, but the gasoline market is at least European and the diesel market is global. So we don’t have the tools to influence prices. (…)

If we don’t have cartel-type signs, we can’t do unannounced inspections, we are not allowed by law. This evolution of prices is not particular to our country. Prices have risen in the EU and globally. The US gallon reached $5 or $6, which is unimaginable for them. It is an evolution of global prices that we cannot control,” said the vice-president of the Competition Council.

He said that even in the case of the price increase that took place this spring in Beiuș, there are no indications regarding cartel agreements.

On the other hand, the Anti-Speculation Ordinance adopted today will allow the Competition Council to intervene in real time and not as up to now, only in cases of cartel and abuse of a dominant position, says the quoted source.

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