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CDR: Romania needs to focus on long-term goals

15 September 2021

The Coalition for the Development of Romania (CDR), the most important platform of the Romanian business environment, considers that the political moment we are going through has major implications on the economic climate, macroeconomic stability and Romania’s reform potential.

CDR calls on the entire political class, in these crucial moments for Romania’s economic future, to channel all its energy towards vital reforms, the elaboration of an industrialization policy that reflects the European climate change agenda and the successful implementation of such major projects. necessary for Romania, in order to increase the absorption of European funds, indispensable resources in the realization of the country’s development plans.

The long-term objectives included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR), which we expect to validate in September, as well as in the multiannual operational programs 2021 – 2027, which will be validated in the coming months, are strategic windows of opportunity, which we do not allow ourselves to miss them, these contributing major to the reduction of the economic gaps and to the increase of Romania’s competitiveness.

Moreover, the premises for the implementation of structural reforms are also a key factor in granting the country rating, which will be announced this fall, an assessment that will include the actual implementation capacity. already affected by the devaluation of the national currency and rising inflation, with a direct impact on companies ‘budgets and citizens’ pockets.

The business environment needs a climate of predictability and security for investment and business decision making. Unfortunately, however, we are once again going through a period in which the business environment is on alert, due to the uncertain investment climate, which is visibly declining due to the ongoing political crisis. In 30 years of democracy, too many opportunities and opportunities have been wasted due to a lack of vision and dialogue. We hope to have learned from the past, and this time, together and united, not to miss this unique chance that Romania has.

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