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Best Newcomer – 2020 Energynomics Awards nominations

2 December 2020
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We continue to present the 2020 nominations for the Energynomics Awards, with the Best Newcome category. Only one of the projects in the competition will be rewarded at the Gala on December 3th, but each of them deserve our respect and the widest promotion. We thank all the companies and personalities involved in this effort to draw the image of the Romanian energy industry in 2020 through its achievements!

#better – Habitation course

The habitation course proposed by the #better Association is aimed at companies and targets their employees, based on the “deep believe that through quality private investments we will change the society we live in”. The project is all the more relevant as the pandemic has unified the workplace and the living space.

Chinook Consulting Services – The first commercial HDD project in Romania successfully completed

Chinook Consulting Services Provided professional geological supervision of the drilling activities for the first commercial HDD project in Romania – under-shore crossing into the Black Sea. Successfully completed, the project meant drilling and pulling of the gas pipeline between the onshore site, under the beach, and out, into the sea (1.5 km).

The project was designed to avoid, reduce, and mitigate environmental impacts by significantly diminishing the footprint. The project is situated in a sensitive area, in the southern end of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, within the economic zone of the World Heritage site and in the vicinity of Annex 1 Habitat.

Distribuție Energie Oltenia – Advanced digitalization programs

Since 2016, the company has started its transformation for digital, through the implementation of Smart Transformation, achieving significant achievements each year since, thus improving the quality of the company’s services and also a better working environment for employees. Some of the advanced programs are: 1. Full implementation of MDM ((Metering Data Management) systems, capable of processing data acquired from 1,4 million meters, of which 450 000 are smart meters in the operational area of Distribuție Oltenia and the rest are normal meters; 2. MDC ( Multi-Metering Data Collection System) – A system capable of collecting data from several types of smart meters, ensuring the interoperability of meters with the MDM system. 3. Under the name SOGNO, data are collected via voltage and current sensors that then allow for online monitoring, analysis, prediction and control of power grid sections.

Electrica Furnizare took over the Stănești photovoltaic park

The acquisition of the photovoltaic park by Electrica Furnizare S.A., the leader on the Romanian electricity supply market, is a first step to achieve the vertical development objective of the Electrica Group by entering the electricity production market, mainly from renewable sources. The company completed in August 2020 the acquisition of the Stănești photovoltaic park (Giurgiu County) from Raylexo Limited and Long Bridge Management and Administration. With an installed capacity of 7,5 MW and a limited operating capacity of 6,8 MW, the park is located on an area of 17,5 ha and built between October 2012 and January 2013; it started to inject electricity into the grid in February 2013.

Enevo Group – for the construction of a 132kV power station, a turnkey project in the Kuwait Joint Operation Area, Saudi Arabia

With great efforts, both human and financial, ENEVO Group, a 100% Romanian company, has managed to expand into other markets, being now one of the few East European companies specialized in electrical works and qualified automation to major clients such as Saudi Electricity Company or Aramco. This is one of the few export projects in the field of electrical engineering carried out by Romanian companies in the last years, representing a great success both commercially and financial (structured with Romanian banks).

The value of the project exceeds 12 million dollars. The new power station will power offshore operations in an area of about 7.000 square km in the joint area between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Nova Power & Gas – for innovation and simplification in the contracting of energy services

Since 1 July 2020, when Nova entered the household segment following the liberalization of the gas market, the company has aimed and managed to transform the process of switching energy supplier into a very simple, fully online one, very fast, via the platform. “We aim to further develop all the tools needed to inform and improve our customers’ experience to bring innovation to the energy supply market,” says company officials.

partnerg-I Energy Consultants – the first Romanian consulting company for energy services purchase

partnerg-i is a premiere in the local market, as the first Romanian company in the field, aiming to develop the expertise of industrial consumers in purchasing energy supply services and implementing specific global models.

Founded in April 2020, its mission is to wisely bring the future of energy supply to industrial consumers, by addressing global trends locally.

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