5 things to know about electric cars


For many years already, electric cars have been attracting a disproportionately high interest when factored their number on the roads and highways. Energynomics has prepared this synthesis of the 5 important things to know about electric cars.

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Electric vehicles do not emit polluting emissions or greenhouse gases

The only emissions associated with electric vehicles occur in the power generation and in the vehicle manufacturing processes. All these into account, electric vehicles pollute less than internal combustion vehicles.

The total operating cost (TCO) of electric vehicles is lower than for internal combustion vehicles

The cost of fuel is the main factor, but also less expensive maintenance and reduced taxes contribute to cost efficiency.

Electric vehicles can be charged at any regular socket 

The power of the charging stations determines the charging time; a vehicle can be charged (up to 80%) in a fast charging station (50 kW) in just 20-30 minutes, while the same charge can take up to 8 hours at a normal socket.

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Romania benefits from generous subsidies for purchasing electric vehicles

More than 9,000 euros are available through the Rabla Plus program for purchase 100% electric vehicles, while for hybrid vehicles the amount of the subsidy exceeds 4,000 euros.

There are 450 e-charging stations and the number increases constantly

In Romania there are about 2,200 gas stations and only about 450 e-charging stations; however, when compared to the number of electric vehicles, the network of charging stations has a reasonable size and is constantly growing – 12 months ago there were only about 300 e-charging stations.

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