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ANRE: The final energy consumers sent, in one week, about 1,500 questions to the Eva platform

27 March 2023

Approximately 1,500 questions were addressed, within a week, by end consumers to Eva, the virtual assistant in the Online Platform for changing the supplier of electricity and natural gas at national level (POSF), according to a statement press release of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE), sent on Friday.

The online platform was implemented by the regulatory authority, from October of last year, this being a unique IT tool at the national level dedicated to the end customers of electricity and natural gas, which automates the process of changing the supplier, by simplifying the information flows and documents, according to Agerpres.

According to the cited source, from March 16, 2023 until now, end consumers have sent to Eva, the POSF virtual assistant, about 1,500 questions related to the use of the platform, the process of changing the supplier, contracting and general information about the energy sector.

ANRE also announces that, starting from Friday, March 24, 2023, the performances of the Eva virtual assistant, in terms of the accuracy of the answers provided as well as its general interaction with POSF users, have improved considerably as it uses a new learning algorithm, ChatGPT, powered by the well-known OpenAI platform.

“The integration of the virtual assistant Eva with GPT leads to the possibility of responding with a high degree of accuracy to the questions, curiosities and even problems of the POSF users. Thus the answers provided are detailed, reliable and where necessary, the virtual assistant Eva directs to the institutions the ability to offer help to end users if the questions addressed are related to topics from other institutions. Of course, the virtual assistant Eva is in continuous improvement, but from the tests we have found that it answers with high accuracy to the questions received so far. In parallel, we also centralize we analyze all the questions asked by POSF users so that through the two ways of learning (through the questions asked and through the integration with ChatGPT) we can provide timely detailed answers to their requests. I also encourage POSF users to consult the user manuals and tutorials, in which is presented in detail the m.o. on how to access and use POSF,” said Dumitru Chiriță, president of ANRE.

The Head of the Authority approved, by Order no. 3/2022 with subsequent amendments, the Regulation on the organization and operation of the online platform for changing the supplier of electricity and natural gas and for contracting the supply of electricity and natural gas (POSF Regulation).

Thus, from the date of POSF launch, network operators and electricity and natural gas suppliers permanently upload and update the metadata for places of consumption and for supply and network contracts, according to the obligations established by the POSF Regulation. Since the approval of the document, approximately 80 million messages and actions have been circulated between users through POSF.

According to ANRE data, regarding the degree of data loading, at this moment in POSF, 15,501,303 places of consumption are identified, of which 10,581,938 are for electricity and 4,919,365 for natural gas. Also, currently, 102 electricity suppliers, 73 natural gas suppliers, 41 electricity network operators and 35 natural gas network operators are registered in the platform.

In addition, there are 34,947 end customers which have opened a user account in POSF.

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