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ANPC fines suppliers with almost 90,000 euro

14 January 2022

Between January 6-13, 2022, ANPC commissioners controlled 72 economic operators, suppliers of electricity and gas from all over the country, 27 of them broking the law, the Authority announced.

Thus, through the Energy Command – a structure specially created by the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC), sanctions were applied in the amount of 450,000 lei (about 90.000 euro), to which were added 4 proposals to end unfair commercial practices in relation to consumers and the measure of recalculating all invoices that do not comply with the provisions of the law.

Among the most important deviations found by the ANPC commissioners are the lack of application of the capping and compensation of prices according to GEO118/2021 starting with 01.11.2021 and some omissions related to informing customers.

Thus, the information notes on the compensation of electricity and natural gas bills, transmitted to customers, do not contain the elements that make up the price at which the compensation is applied, and the contracts issued do not contain the price of services from the gas price, only the total price, so as the consumer cannot check how the compensation granted is calculated.

Other serious violations include preventing ANPC commissioners in any way from exercising their duties and improper practice, by successive tariff increases that have not been caused by legislative changes.

The Energy Command continues its inspections until March 31, 2022.

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