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The Romanian Ministry of Energy focuses on the opportunities of the energy transition

22 June 2022
General Interest

The Romanian Ministry of Energy is optimistic in respect to the energy transition, said state secretary George Niculescu, at the “Romanian Energy Day 2022”, an event organized by the Romanian Energy Center, in Brussels. “Despite the latest challenges which seems to put again the energy sector at the crossroads, we in the Ministry of Energy are determined to look into the opportunities when it comes to overcoming this transition that we already started”, highlighted George Niculescu. He insisted that the consolidation process of the energy sector in Romania required consistent efforts in terms of investments that will be made in the development and upgrade of the energy system. “I would like to outline the unprecedented funds available for this target”, he added, mentioning the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) and the Modernization Fund.

The first call of projects launched from the funds of the NRRP, of total value of 460 million euros will lead to implementing around 950 megawatts in renewables, both wind and solar projects. Another call, of around 104 million euros, to finance the storage capacity will be launched very soon, he said, “because all these renewables also need balancing”. 260 million euros will also be available for producing batteries, in order for Romania “not only to import the technology but to produce the technology”. From the Modernization Fund, Romania already approved individual projects for Transelectrica, with a total value of 475 million euros, George Niculescu reminded.

Another important topic is natural gas, as the winter is coming and Romania needs to be prepared with diversified supplies of natural gas and diversified routes for accessing natural gas. “A week ago, the Black Sea Oil and Gas company started the production of natural gas in the Black Sea, so 1 billion cubic meter per year will enter into the transport system.”

Talking about the Romanian offshore potential, the state secretary also referred to the offshore wind. “Once again, we are working in the Ministry of Energy on developing an offshore wind law that will give us the possibility to capitalize on the renewable potential from the Black Sea in a way that will keep in balance the interests of the investors and the needs of the Romanian market and the Romanian consumers”, said George Niculescu.

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