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How to build your organization resilience against cyber attacks

22 June 2022

Many of the attacks on critical infrastructure happen because a member of staff clicked on a link in a spear-phishing email. For minimizing such risks, one needs to maintain security awareness to augment technical and preventative network controls. This article is part of an enterprise to increase staff awareness of potential threats and attack vectors.

A healthy organization works seamlessly when integrating all cyber security capabilities towards a sole objective: to achieve its business goals while addressing uncertainty. Governance, Risk And Compliance – GRC represents a steady means for achieving performance throughout all departments of your company, such as compliance, risk, legal, finance, IT, internal audit, or even within the lines of top management, like stakeholders or the management board. One can see it as a universal strategy that works as a safeguard to all types of organizational data. In order to take control of your internal processes and risk management, one should

  • manage its company, executives and decision-makers and provide principles of ethics that govern your internal processes – Governance
  • analyze and mitigate the risk against the company, as a measure of business risk prevention, financial and operational – Risk management
  • enhance the ability to monitor, adapt and comply with global regulations set by the government – Compliance

Among the GRC services available, these are the most common approaches across industries.


On-Demand Consulting Services helps your organization benefit from having full-time access to specialists’ advice. This services provides businesses with a Chief Information Security Officer that employs the leading skills and knowledge to envision, plan and execute a security strategy for your company. The purpose of this resource is to enable security program management at the highest level, in terms of human knowledge, way of working and technology.

CISO’s first objective is to identify and assess information security risks to your infrastructure while ensuring the implementation of information security policies and procedures. This helps guarantee your company the seamless functioning of the information security management process.

Security compliance audit

Security compliance audits help you prevent data breaches, while properly identifying, documenting and resolving any given system vulnerabilities that may harm your internal systems. Through this audit, your company benefits from a measurable evaluation of how your security policies are used, alongside solutions that will maintain an effective security strategy.

Auditing can bring out many overlooked aspects of your security strategy. The best way of working involves a systematic and structured approach, that will help you build a safe environment on the long run, in terms of standards and practices.

Security assessment

In order to build a safe foundation for your company to strive in an uncertain world, apply cyber security intelligence to your company and help it grow within a hybrid system where we combine both artificial and human intelligence to guard your reputation, jobs, business perspectives, and provide a safer future for all.

Experts use a combination of commercial and open-source tools that are internally developed to supplement the manual effort. The use of automated tools, combined with manual identification techniques, lead to the identification of common vulnerabilities.

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