The private sector is the engine of growth in energy efficiency (EBC, May 20)


Two of global energy giants presented their solutions at Bucharest, in Energy Breakfast Club for energy efficiency. Petre Butu, Partner, Vice President of Schneider Electric Romania, exhibited som of the trends in the global energy market and solutions from Schneider Electric for energy management. In turn, Daniel Moldoveanu, Business Development Manager Aggreko – EMEA I Romania & South East Europe, presented some of the energy solutions and temperature control equipments, provide by Aggreko to customers who need this kind of support either very fast, or for an indefinite period of time.

The world is getting smarter, notes Schneider Electric, a formula that refers to the fact that the advancement of communication technology enables a smarter city grid for our future. “Our cities are growing, both in developed countries, and faster in the emerging economies, as the cities already occupy only 2% of the Earth surface, but are home to 50% of the population, and consume 75% of the Earth energy consumption and are responsible for 80% of carbon emissions,” Peter Butu explained. The world will spend more money on energy in the next 40 years than it has in the previous 400, thus energy efficiency is the only solution for a sustainable future. To make Energy Efficiency a reality, today, Schneider Electric provides integrated services, systems and technologies for buildings, infrastructure, industry and IT (data centers).


Răzvan Copoiu, Vice President, Schneider Electric Romania, presented details on the energy efficiency project developed for the retail network Carrefour in Romania. The project has implemented solutions both in the 94 supermarkets and the hypermarkets across the network of Carrefour, with immediate benefits on reducing electricity consumption and therefore costs, increased comfort and safety for consumers, as well as a reduction of the impact on environment.

Schneider Electric experts estimate a a huge market potential in energy efficiency – over $ 45 bn by 2020, with a bigger share for the new economies in BRIC. What drives & boosts Energy Efficiency?

  • Technology, with easy-to-implement, easy-to-use solutions which make energy efficiency easier to sell
  • Energy Efficiency ’s economic rationale, such as great return on investment, for electro-intensive industries facing mounting energy costs, for governments facing growing energy security issues, for companies facing tighter requirements for lower Carbon footprint
  • Regulations – Energy Efficiency is needed by governments to meet their CO2 abatement pledges

And it was in this context when the absence of a representative from public regulatory institutions it was felt more acutely. Sebastian Radocea, a partner at Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii, described in few words the main areas where public authorities of Romania have yet to deliver both to the business environment and to the society as a whole.

“This April, Romania was subjected of an infringement procedure for failure in implementing energy efficiency policy measures. Let us not forget that this legislation – and not only the law 121, but all related legislation for public procurement, and public finance – is a real puzzle and this thwarts any major investments into the public sector. Again, we should not forget that the main vector for encouraging the public authorities to implement energy efficiency measures in the public sector, namely the European structural funds, they can not be accessed; the 2014-2020 program entered very late the stage of submission, and so the operational programs can not be accessed,” explained Sebastian Radocea..

“At the moment, the private sector is interested in energy efficiency. The public sector is kind of late”, Răzvan Copoiu also confirmed.

Aggreko solution against gas flaring

In turn, representatives from Aggreko exposed the company’s solutions and the benefits they bring in increased energy efficiency in the production of hydrocarbons. Ionuţ Lăzărescu, QHSE Coordinator at Aggreko, presented the implementation of co-generation solutions for an oil and gas operator in Dragomireşti. Specifically, within 30 days, Aggreko Romania has installed for its customer two generators of 375 kVA, using associated petroleum gas. This solution replaces the “traditional” gas flaring – which is burning gas – by using the fuel for producing electricity and heat for accordingly with the customer’ needs.


What are the benefits? Customers can focus on their core business, while Aggreko takes full responsibility for all permits, design, construction, operation and maintenance. “A big advantage of Aggreko is its flexibility worldwide – using standard modular solutions that can quickly be transferred anywhere,” said Ionuţ Lăzărescu. Another benefit is the reduction in fuel costs and the use of already available resources, which leads to a reduced environmental footprint. “Burning associated petroleum gas (gas flaring) has a footprint of 4,000 mg per cubic meter burned. Our generators come with only 250 mg per cubic meter burned.”

Representatives of AB Energy România, Abroque SRL, Adrem Invest, Aggreko, ALD Automotive, Amada Viva, ATH Energ, Ciurtin şi Asociaţii, Eco Solution, Energie Finanzierung, Energy Friends & Advisors, Eneria, Finacon, Flash Lighting Services, GDF Suez, Green Water Nano Technology SRL, Greencells CEE S.R.L., Holcim România, ISPE, KPMG, LeasePlan, Matei Conf, Monsson, OMV Petrom, Opel, Optim Project Management, Power Net Consulting, RADET Bucureşti, Romelectro, Rottco Consult, Sarto, Schneider Electric Romania, Schoenherr, SGS Romania, Tractebel, Ţuca Zbârcea & Asociaţii, Valmere, Veolia Romania, Werk Energy SRL, Xerox Romania,  ACUE, Autoritatea Nationala pentru Cercetare Stiintifica si Inovare, Camera de Comerţ Italiană pentru România, Centrul pentru Monitorizarea Politicilor Publice (CMPP), CNR-CME, CRE, EFDEN, Govnet attended the presentations and participated in discussions.

All the present had the chance to drive one of the few Twizy electric vehicles – a urban mobility solution from Renault – provided by ALD Automotive.

This event was organised by with the support of our partners: Aggreko, ALD Automotive, ATE3, Emerson – Ridgid, LeasePlan, Sarto, Schneider Electric, SGS România.


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