The price of natural gas drops below 60 lei per MWh on the spot market of the Romanian Commodities Exchange


The SPOT market of natural gas in Romania operated by the Romanian Commodities Exchange (BRM) registered, on November 07, the lowest price of the last six months, respectively 59 lei / MWh. Thus, announces BRM, the price on the spot market of natural gas has fallen below the regulated price of 68 lei, continuing the downward evolution in the last period.

On the SPOT platform (short term products), the weighted average price for November was 65.38 lei/MWh, a substantially lower price than the price in October – 91.46 lei/MWh. Prices on the SPOT platform in November ranged from 59 lei/MWh to 96.1 lei/MWh.

On the GasForward platform (medium and long term products), prices ranged from 87 to 123 lei/MWh. Prices near the threshold of 90 lei (much lower than those obtained in the previous period) resulted from the assets delivered in November (WEEK type assets).

According to BRM, the reduction of prices on the natural gas market “may be due to both the high temperatures and the stabilization of prices as a result of the forecasting of the cancellation of the adverse effects of GEO 114/2018.

About BRM

The Romanian Commodities Exchange is a private company of public interest, established in November 1992, the first trading session taking place on December 10, 1992. BRM organizes several types of markets of public interest, with the main activity on the Cash market and the Auction market. On the Cash Market are traded natural gas, electricity, petroleum products, coal, fuel processing, CO2 certificates, general goods, building materials, vegetables, fruits, cereals. On the Auction Market procurement, sales and leasing procedures are carried out. BRM is the most important consultant in the field of public procurement of products, services and works for any type of contracting authority.


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