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Tanczos: Budget of 500 million lei for EV recharging infrastructure

14 November 2022

The Ministry of Environment, Water and Forests (MMAP) announces the launch of a new financing program for the development of the recharging infrastructure for electric cars, the allocated budget being 500 million lei.

According to the Minister of the Environment, Barna Tanczos, the types of stations for which funding will be granted are those with normal power, of minimum 3.7 kW and maximum 22 kW.

“We have a spectacular increase in the sales of electric cars in Romania. It is a signal that, on the one hand, the population understands better and better the importance of non-polluting transport, on the other hand, it is the clear result of the Rabla Plus program. In parallel, however, this effort must also be supported by the development of recharging infrastructure in localities. We have made available a budget of 500 million lei for recharging stations with normal power, of a minimum of 3.7 kW and a maximum of 22 kW,” wrote Tanczos, on his social media page, according to Agerpres.

Eligible applicants for the program run by the Environment Fund Administration (AFM) are: public institutions (including state education units), administrative-territorial units (UAT), as well as administrative-territorial subdivisions of the municipality of Bucharest, localities that are not administrative units -territorial, but are certified as tourist resorts, as well as Intercommunity Development Associations (ADIs).

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