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Stroe, MET: We want to invest in new gas capacity

19 November 2019

Bogdan Tudorache

MET Romania Energy, a private supplier of energy with a market share of 7-8% on the competitive market, has exceeded twice the mandatory quota of natural gas storage for this winter, says Petre Stroe, the general manager of the company. At the same time, the company wants to invest in a new gas production capacity.

“We have a record of storage… We have a storage rate twice compared to the obligation imposed by ANRE… We plan to invest in a production capacity of medium-size on gas, which will provide electricity, heat and system services… finalizing this investment near one of the big cities,” said Stroe, explaining that the company is not targeting Bucharest.

Unfortunately, local authorities often did not show interest in energy projects. “We often find that… either they don’t understand, or they don’t want to, or they don’t know why they are there,” Stroe commented.

He blamed the local councils in the country, who managed to “bury” more than 16 functional plants, closing them unjustifiably – in his opinion. “At least make the most of the scrap metal, and they would still make some money… These capacities need to be replaced,” commented Stroe.

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