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SNN announces the planned shutdown of the first reactor

21 June 2020

SN Nuclearelectrica (SNN) announces that Unit 1 of Cernavoda NPP will enter the planned shutdown program, starting with 20.06.2020.

The desynchronization from the National Energy System will take place on 20.06.2020, at 11:00.

The planned shutdowns are complex projects, initiated 24 months before the planned date, with a project management team, implementation schedule, human resources planning and appropriate budgeting, SNN announces.

The decision to start the planned shutdown of Unit 1 Cernavoda NPP was postponed compared to the initial period foreseen for this project, given the international context generated by the COVID-19 pandemic, in conjunction with the measures related to the Personnel Protection Plan, similar to other nuclear power plants, to ensure continuity of operation and production. The decision to enter the planned shutdown program of Unit 1 Cernavoda NPP starting with June 20 was adopted by the Board of Directors of SNN, meeting in the meeting on May 8, 2020, based on the analysis of all impact factors.

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