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Romania, the subject of a new sanction procedure for air pollution in big cities

18 May 2020

Romania has not complied with the limit values for the protection of human health for nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and has not taken the appropriate measures to keep the overrun periods as short as possible, says Alin Tănase, Greenpeace representative.

Therefore, the European Commission has decided to start a new infringement procedure similar to the one in which Romania was recently convicted by the EUCJ for dust polluted air (PM10) in Bucharest.

Moreover, the European Commission reports some deficiencies in monitoring the concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in Bucharest.

“The Commission also requests clarifications regarding the proper monitoring of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) concentrations in one of the agglomerations (Bucharest). The presence of high concentrations of NO2 poses risks to human health.”

Deficiencies in monitoring nitrogen dioxide concentrations in Bucharest have been presented since 2019, when several Greenpeace volunteers monitored for 3 days, the level of air pollution with nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) at the Piața Romană bus station. The measurements showed that the level of nitrogen dioxide (NO₂) pollution in the bus station in Piata Romană is about twice higher than that recorded at the same time at the nearest official stations for monitoring air quality in traffic. This suggests a faulty location of traffic air quality monitoring stations.

Romania received a period of 4 months to take the necessary measures to remedy the deficiencies identified by the Commission.

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