Camil Aliman

Camil Aliman


Professional Tools and Equipment


Camil Aliman has 15 years of experience in marketing, public relation and e-media for industry and he also has the same extended experience in product management and project management. In 2012 he had been developed a Market Research & Strategy project on EMEA markets for electrical lugs crimping tools. He also published various articles on technical, industrial marketing and product management subjects in different technical publications and also on

Professional History

Camil Aliman is Area Manager Romania & Hungary for Ridge Tool Europe NV, subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co. For the last 15 years he coordinated various teams for a large range of projects in emerging markets. Since 2005 he developed and implemented two successful distribution projects for Romania and Hungary markets for RIDGID® brand.
Camil Aliman has an Engineering Diploma and Bachelor of Science in Environmental Protection Installations at Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest (1997) and a Professional Diploma in Management from Open University, UK (2002).