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Corina Popescu, Carmen Neagu and Mikhail Danilin – featured in this March Magazine issue

27 March 2016
Don't miss!

A new issue of Magazine launched on Wednesday, March 24, within Spring Cocktail 2016. 184 pages of interviews, analysis and opinions, fully bilingual, at the best printed quality has already reach its public – professionals in the energy industry in Romania, managers of the most active companies and officials from regulatory authorities with responsibilities in the energy sector. Magazine is distributed by courier to about 1,000 recipients carefully selected from among the most influential and dynamic personalities of the Romanian energy sector. Over 100 companies and hundreds of leading experts have free access every three months to Magazine – the premium energy printed publication covering the hot topics of the moment. This issue, knowledgeable voices from top companies address the impact of reduced oil prices, the new draft of Romania’s energy strategy, the stalemate in renewable sector following legislative changes, dynamics of the large companies – from experts perspective (among them Varinia Radu, Alex Șerban, George Butunoiu) and managers (among them Carmen Neagu, Andrey Bogdanov, Mikhail Danilin, Cristian Secoşan, Camil Aliman), and institutions with great influence in the industry, such as the Ministry of Energy.


  • Corina Popescu: Many initiatives are long overdue, now the time is up
  • Carmen Neagu: CEO of EnergoBit with a with a growth-based strategy
  • Mikhail Danilin, NIS Petrol: Our main target is to enter the production phase
  • Gabriel Avăcăriței: The most profitable employees in the state-own energy companies (analysis)
  • Viorel Lefter, PATRES: New investments in renewable energy are possible only based on new laws and a new support scheme

This is the 10th issue of Magazine, a publication that has found its way to strategic and institutional partners and already enjoyed the support of many trading partners in the energy industry and related sectors. We maintain an integrated approach on the entire industry, with four distinct sections for each large sector – electricity, oil and gas, renewables, thermo – and a section of general interest.

For a preview of the current issue of Magazine (March 2016) enter the dedicated webpage, where you can also read the full content of all previous issues. For ideas, comments and editorial contributions, or commercial cooperation we encourage you to write us at gabriel la

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