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14 November 2014
General Interest


The professional development program WU Executive Energy Expert, organized by in collaboration with experts from Vienna University, took place in late October in Bucharest. It was the first edition of a unique educational program in the Romanian market, which provides for integrated approach of energy industry topics.

Each day was dedicated to an essential topic for the energy industry, and the first contact of participants was marked by the course supported by Professor Jonas Puck, PhD. He approached the energy sector from a general perspective, focusing on trends, outlook and changes expected in energy. Trainees had the opportunity to update, among other things, information on energy sources produced by conventional methods in the new era of transition that is increasingly defined by renewable energy.

Deaconescu-_4384Combining both the valuation of companies and technical expertise, the WU Executive Energy Expert program has provided a broad perspective on various topics such as energy security and contract negociation. It was a good experience, with real added value provided.

Cătălin Deaconescu

Ministry of Economy – Energy Department

“Energy economics” was the following topic of discussion, due to Martin Schwarzbichler, PhD, who brought for this program a substantial informational contribution for top-managers who made up the first class of the WU Executive Energy Expert. The topic of this course was followed over three days, during which the trainees have identified new formulas and strategies for planning and developing a business in the energy industry, both theoretically and in practice – had to solve exercises starting from theory discussed in advance! The second day was completed by the presence of His Excellency Mihnea Constantinescu, Ambassador-at-Large for energy security in the Government of Romania, who supported a presentation regarding the conditions for building energy security and resilience.


I can recommend WU Executive Energy Expert program to any specialist who is interested in the energy sector. Thanks to the professors and interesting guest speakers, we now have the tools and references to better understand the challenges the energy sector will have to face in the future.

Camil Aliman
Area Manager Romania & Hungary RIDGID – Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions


From the fourth day, participants to the WU Executive Energy Expert moved in the space well-known by friends, in Cesianu Racoviţă Palace. Here, trainees had the opportunity to practice new negotiating methods and tools together with Professor Daniel Donahey, trainer and specialized coach. He helped the trainees to add to the art of negotiation and sale new insights alongside the traditional ones, the professor putting much emphasis on the human and relational part in business contacts.

WU Executive Energy Expert program ended with a review of the latest European energy directives, coordinated by Professor Gert Brunekreeft, PhD. Discussions were mainly animated with the idea regarding funding sources for energy infrastructure at Community level. The conclusion could be formulated as follows: the public sector (Union or national states) should actively get involved in promoting investments in infrastructure, because investments coming from the private sector are insufficient.


It was a pleasure to participate to this well-structured, energy-focused, consistent course. I recommend it not only for the managers willing to learn and broaden their perspective, but also for those passionate about worldwide trends, impacting our local economy.

Nagy Ede Kálmán
Managing Director of Panfora Oil & Gas


ANRE President, Nicolae Havrileţ, honored us with his presence and supported a presentation about the general objectives of the Authority and the regulatory framework of the local energy market, in the context of EU’s energy policy. Varinia Radu, partner at CMS Cameron McKenna and head of the Oil&Gas Division for Central and Eastern Europe, was the third guest speaker who honored the course, with a presentation about Romania’s oil and gas sector.

The full picture of this week full of information and knowledge wouldn’t be complete without some words about the trainees; the class consisted of 15 representatives of active organizations or interested in the energy market, such as Enel Green Power, Emerson Ridge-Tools, OMV Petrom, Panfora Oil & Gas, Fora Oil and Gas, McCann PR, SGS Romania, the Intermediary Energy Body (IEB), GDF Suez, the Department for Energy and Schneider-Electric. They were the first wave of experts who had the opportunity to learn and discover new techniques and tactics for business development through top lectors and curriculum at European level.

WU Executive Academy ensured the content for all the printed and electronic materials, as well as for auxiliary materials. Qualifications obtained after attending the course are confirmed by a special diploma, locally issued and certified by WU Executive Academy.

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