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Energy solutions at hand – Energy Breakfast Club (September 24)


Once again, the conference room of the Cesianu Racoviţă Palace became too small for the large number of energy experts interested in the topics and guest speakers proposed at a new meeting in the Energy Breakfast Club series. Over 50 energy specialists in consulting, law and finance analizyed for more than 3 hours energy solutions for industry, construction and trade, combating friendly on sometimes divergentperspectives.

The dialogue was opened by Corneliu Rădulescu, Director General of Energy Efficiency Direction, ANRE. He briefly summarized the changes introduced by the new law recently adopted on energy efficiency. Corneliu Radulescu stressed that there is a vital need for supporting policies with tax and/or financial incentives in order to attract somemore companies able to invest in Romania. Otherwise, such energy efficiency programs might fail. It would also be necessary, according to the ANRE official, a greater participation from the banks. “I am not aware of a single situation in which a bank funded energy efficiency projects; or maybe only with the EBRD involvement,” said Corneliu Radulescu.

Then quickly came the answer: “We have worked hard in order to start financing energy efficiency projects and we are looking forward to the moment when all legal and administrative matters will be completed,” said Sebastian Staicu, finance expert with BCR.

Energy Efficiency Department in ANRE will come into being after October 1st

Corneliu Radulescu also announced that ANRE’s new structure dedicated to energy efficiency will be operational after October 1st.

Energy generation with Aggreko equipments

Daniel Moldoveanu, Business Development Manager la Aggreko South East Europe presented the portfolio of the company – a global leading provider of temporary solutions for producing electricity and temperature control. Specifically, Aggreko provides its customers with energy solutions and temperature control equipments in the shortest of time, or for an indefinite period of time.

Aggreko’s rental equipment includes generators from small, temporary site power to base load multi-megawatt power generation for utility power grids (15kW up to 2MW), with a total of almost 18.000 units, and a total capacity of over 9.100 MW. An interesting case study was presented: 42 Aggreko de containers were installed, in only 17 days, for a 30 MW power demand, while the annual revision of the Machu Picchu’ hydropower plant in Peru (video).

In addition, Daniel Moldoveanu announced that Aggreko also provides electricity solutions for indefinite periods of time to customers with access to gas or biomass resources.

Over 50 years, Aggreko has provided power and thermal management solutions, Aggreko has worked for the biggest players in a diverse range of industries: oil and gas, construction, mining, utilities, petrochemical, telecommunications, shipping, and events industry.

Download presentation – Daniel Moldoveanu.

Emerson -­ Ridgid Tool Division -­ detailed maps of the underground utility network

Camil Aliman, regional manager for Romania and Hungary, Emerson -­ Ridge Tool Division presented technologies for locating and GPS positioning and crimping technologies for electrical cables from RIDGID, a Emerson Electric Co. brand. New product lines from RIDGID does identify cables or pipelines at depths of 10 meters with an accuracy of up to 5-­10 centimeters.

In addition, the systems can be used for creating detailed maps of the underground utility network, useful in preventing accidents during surface excavation and undercrossing operations.

Emerson is a diversified global manufacturing and technology company offering a wide range of products and services in the industrial, commercial, and consumer markets. The group has 230 plants worldwide, of which 5 are located in Cluj-­Napoca, and a sixth is under development at Oradea.

Ridgid Tools entered the Emerson group in 1966. In 2013, Emerson group had revenues of over 24.7 billion dollars.

Download presentation – Camil Aliman.

Representatives of AB Energy România, Aggreko, Apa Nova, BCR, Brands International, CMS Cameron McKenna, Dalkia România, Deloitte, DSV, Eco Solution, Ecoalternativ, Electrica Furnizare SA, Emerson Ridge Tools, Enel Energie SA, Energobit Group, Eolenvest, Ernst & Young, Expert Petroleum, Falcon Electronics, Flash Lighting Services, GDF Suez Energy România, Intelen, InterAviation Charter, Mazars România SRL, RET Utilaje Bucharest, Ridgewood Advisors, Romelectro, RVR Energy, Schneider Electric România, SGS România, Sixt New Kopel, Slow Energy Europe, Smart Energy Group, Transelectrica, TUV Rheinland România, UTI Grup, Watt Plus, ACUE (Federația Patronală a Asociațiilor Companiilor de Utilități din Energie), Ambasada SUA, CNR-CME, Consiliul Concurenței, Universitatea Politehnică București, WU Executive Academy attended the presentations and participated in discussions.

WU Executive Energy Expert

Some representatives of WU Executive Academy also attended the event and answered the questions from those interested in the innovative professional development program scheduled to start next month in Bucharest. WU Executive Energy Expert program is specially designed for executives in the Romanian energy industry.

The program will help mid to top experienced managers to better understand energy related matters that are not typicaly studies in classic management courses. After attending this course, the participants will grasp a wider perspective on their current activity and will be able to imediately generate real value for their companies.

The 5-day program will include specific training within local premises. The current program follows closely the quality of the MBA Energy Management of the WU Executive Academy. Also, the attendants will be carefully selected, considering cultural and academic background, skills and work experience.

The qualifications obtained by following the program will be certified by a special diploma, issued locally and endorsed by WU Executive Academy. WU Executive Academy will ensure content for the printed and electronic materials and annexes.

About the event

Energy Breakfast Club is a 2-3 hours meeting between energy specialists that want to be updated with the latest information and the most influential views on one hot topic. As a host, starting at 09:00, provides the moderator and the coffee, proposes the theme and launches invitations to speakers.

These are selected from people that know the topic best and are responsible for organizing ideas and intellectual challenges. Presentations do not exceed 45 minutes and are intended to be starting points for dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. The club closes at 12:00.


Access to Energy Breakfast Club is open to all professionals in the Romanian energy industry and related sectors, based on a custom invitation launched by You can write us at [email protected] to request an invitation or propose a theme!

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