PROCESIO announces the international private launch of the innovative No-Code technology platform


PROCESIO, the innovative No-Code technology platform, announces today the private launch of its Platform as a Service focused on automating business processes. Developed from the ground up by a dedicated team within Ringhel, PROCESIO enables any company to automate their business processes without allocating large resources across its teams. The private launch will take place on March 31st, giving the users access in stages to features before the public release which will take place on July 1st.

Each company has daily repetitive tasks that are usually done manually, no matter the department – operations, marketing activities, customer service, billing, business development. PROCESIO identified these challenges and created a platform that enables users to prototype, test, and deploy automation processes with speed and flexibility.

PROCESIO platform empowers any individual, regardless of their coding skills, to design and build enterprise processes. From non-technical users, No-Code enthusiasts to software developers, everyone can use PROCESIO individually or as a team to develop their software and automate processes.

“We decompress IT departments and programmers, allowing them to do what they do best: innovate!”, says Mihai Dârzan, Founder PROCESIO. “I can go even further with confidence and sustain that we have created PROCESIO from a strong desire to help every business achieve its full potential”.

For 2021, PROCESIO can be the backend of any software, app or service, eliminating the need for designing and implementing scalable software architectures. Our vision is much greater, and step-by-step we are building PROCESIO to become the default and natural way of building software by any person, empowering technical and non-technical persons to cooperate seamlessly.

“I’ve seen technology changing rapidly in the past decade. Things that were not possible back then are now obsolete. When it comes to the gap between software development needs and the available resources, I believe that No-Code technologies like PROCESIO will build a bridge”, says Marian Voicu, CEO PROCESIO. “It is important to point out that PROCESIO’s aim is not to replace software developers, but to empower them. We should all see No-Code as a new programming language.”


Founded in 2020, PROCESIO is a No-Code technology and a Platform as a Service, suitable for both technical and non-technical professionals, focusing on team collaboration. The platform is easy-to-use, helping in developing enterprise-grade software in the most efficient way possible. PROCESIO allows powerful integrations, with features that enable more flexibility for automating business rules.

PROCESIO is a product of Ringhel, a software company that serves enterprises such as E.ON, ENGIE, CEZ, Lukoil, MET and many others, automating their business processes from one end to another.


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