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Ariston Thermo ends 2020 with an 18% increase in turnover

31 March 2021
General Interest

Ariston Thermo Romania, the leader of the local market of thermal power plants and electric boilers, ended 2020 with an increase in turnover of 18%, obtained amid higher sales of all product ranges in the portfolio, which include thermal power plants, boilers, heat pumps, thermostats, solar systems and air conditioners. Sales were supported by redefining people’s lifestyles amid the Covid 19 pandemic, but also by growth in the construction segment.

“The year 2020 was a challenging one for the entire business environment, but the results of Ariston Thermo Romania remained positive, which proves the resilience of our business model, even in a difficult context. After a very good start of 2020, the restrictions imposed in March and April forced us to pay more attention to employee safety and the need to ensure a balance between caring for them and continuing the business as a whole. We have also taken steps to strengthen relations with our traditional partners, understanding that the whole market needs solidarity more than ever,” said Cătălin Drăguleanu, Country Manager of Ariston Thermo Romania.

Sales of heating products were influenced by the reorientation of consumers’ attention towards the home, but also by a sustained growth of the construction sector.

Growth has been stimulated by the radical change in people’s lifestyles, amid the health crisis. People spent more time at home, paying more attention to the household and its facilities. Thus, there were increasing results in sales of boilers and sales of thermal power plants, two of the main segments of the company. It was also visible the focus of consumer attention on the online environment, where more sales were made compared to previous years.

The most important increase was registered in the commercial segment: over 40% for high power ELCO industrial boilers and heat pumps. Growth was also stimulated by the launch of new products in this segment. Thus, the product portfolio of ELCO Heating Solutions, a German brand, part of the Ariston group and intended for commercial and industrial applications, has been consolidated with the new range of L Plus condensing boilers. It consists of THISION L PLUS wall and TRIGON L PLUS floor models, which offer high performance, installation adaptable to any type of installation and simple maintenance. Both types of thermal equipment include energy efficient products, with very low emissions and a wide range of powers adapted to any type of commercial or industrial project.

“Starting in May, we witnessed a return of sales and, due to a business strategy adapted to the context, we ended the year with growth on all product ranges. Moreover, we took advantage of the growth of the local construction market and launched a new range of L Plus condensing boilers, under the ELCO brand, for new projects or those under rehabilitation. We are aware that the effects of the pandemic will be felt again this year and will be reflected in the slow recovery of the economy. We remain attentive to market developments, and we are ready to take advantage of the opportunities that will most likely appear in the second half of the year,” Drăguleanu continues.

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