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Patented CEZ innovation: The wind farm obtains its first patent

13 October 2021

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has awarded Ovidiu Development the patent for a technical solution that improves the performance of wind turbines.

“We are proud of this result that summarizes the fruit of hard work, but also the high level of know-how that we cultivate within the organization. I believe that encouraging employees to discover their full potential as well as creating the right conditions for innovation are the methods that will ensure similar certifications in the future,” said Ondrej Safar, CEO of CEZ Romania.

The certification is all the more valuable as the CEZ method allows to improve the performance of wind turbines by capturing the maximum possible wind flow and provides 25% fewer measurement errors than the other measurement methods currently used in the national and international wind sector.

Results obtained by CEZ by applying the method developed at the level of the largest onshore wind farm in Europe:

  • CEZ has so far completed the degree of misalignment at 100% of its turbines.
  • Of the 240 turbines in the CEZ wind farm, a number of 126 turbines were corrected, applying the CEZ brand measurement technique.
  • Compared to the total net electricity production, obtained by CEZ in 2020, respectively 1,281 GWh, the company would have produced approximately 12.8 GWh (the equivalent of electricity needed to supply 3,500 homes in Romania for a year) less electricity, if a loss of 1% is taken into account at the level of the 240 turbines of the wind farm, a loss avoided as a result of the application of the CEZ measurement technique.
  • The application of the CEZ method reduces the energy losses caused by wind misalignment of wind turbines, on average by up to 4%, if we consider a misalignment of ± 12° to wind.

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