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Parliament voted the new Government, the President signed the investment decree

25 November 2021
General Interest

The Plenary Session of the Parliament granted, on Thursday, the vote of confidence to the Romanian Government proposed by the appointed Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucă.

There were 318 votes “for” and 126 votes “against”. For the proposed government to be sworn in by Parliament, a minimum of 234 “yes” votes were needed. The vote was secret.

At the same time, President Klaus Iohannis signed the decree for the appointment of the Government led by Nicolae Ciucă, the Presidential Administration announced, according to Hotnews and Agerpres.

The prime minister, ministers and other members of the government are to take the oath of allegiance individually before President Klaus Iohannis.

List of ministers from the Ciucă Cabinet

Deputy Prime Ministers: Sorin Grindeanu (PSD) and Kelemen Hunor (UDMR)

PSD ministers:

  • Finance -Adrian Câciu
  • Transports – Sorin Grindeanu
  • Labor – Marius Budai
  • Health – Alexandru Rafila
  • Agriculture – Adrian Chesnoiu
  • Economy – Florin Spătaru
  • Defense – Vasile Dîncu
  • Culture – Lucian Romașcanu
  • Youth and Family – Gabriela Firea

PNL ministers:

  • Justice – Cătălin Predoiu
  • European Funds – Dan Vîlceanu
  • Digitalization – Florin Roman
  • SMEs and Tourism – Daniel Cadariu
  • Internal Affairs- Lucian Bode
  • Education – Sorin Cîmpeanu
  • Energy – Virgil Popescu
  • Foreign Office- Bogdan Aurescu

UDMR ministers:

  • Development, Public Works and Administration – Cseke Attila
  • Medium – Tanczos Barna
  • Sport – Eduard Novak


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