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MOL invests 28 mln. euro in new service stations located on the A1 and A2 motorways

25 November 2021

MOL Romania has started the preparations for the construction works for six of the 14 service stations it is to carry out, based on service concession contracts in order to equip, operate and maintain the service spaces concluded with CNAIR at the beginning of this year. The company MOL Romania obtained the construction authorizations for four lots (eight service stations), related to the contracts with CNAIR, respectively for lot 7 – Ilia village, Hunedoara County; lot 9 – Vințu de Jos locality, Pianu village, Alba County; lot 10 – Câlnic village, Alba County; lot 13 – Murfatlar, Constanța County. Preparations for the construction works have already started on the lots from Ilia, Vințu de Jos and Murfatlar, and in Câlnic they will start in December.

MOL estimates an investment of approximately 2 million euros for each of the stations to be built, the total project budget being approximately 28 million euros. The estimated deadline for opening is the second half of 2022.

“MOL Romania has a history of over 25 years on the domestic market, during which time it became an important player in the local economy, with a network of 245 service stations. MOL is currently in the process of transforming from a fuel retailer to a complex service provider. From this point of view, the stations that we will build based on the agreement with CNAIR will reflect our objectives in terms of diversifying the client portfolio. We are talking about service spaces with the latest technology, about places where drivers can stop not only to power their cars, but also to rest, eat or relax. We have the necessary expertise and we are ready to build service stations of the future on the Romanian highways, which will offer a new travel experience,” said Camelia ENE, CEO & Country Chairman of MOL Romania.

The newly built stations will offer fueling services, fast pumps for trucks, charging points for electric vehicles, Fresh Corner restaurant, spaces specially designed for truck drivers, caravan users and many other services.

At the beginning of the year, following a public tender procedure, MOL Romania Petroleum Products was awarded seven service concession contracts for the equipment / endowment, operation and maintenance of service spaces for seven double lots (14 service spaces) in the purpose of developing and building service stations as follows: 10 locations on the route Nădlac – Sibiu (A1), 2 locations on the route Pitești – Bucharest (A1) and 2 locations on the route Cernavodă – Constanța (A2).

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