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Oradea will have a new geothermal thermal station in the Ioșia-Sud area

4 October 2021

The Local Council approved on Thursday, September 30, the signing of collaboration contracts between Oradea, SC Transgex SA and Foradex Vest SA for the project of capitalization of geothermal energy in the area of ​​Ioșia Sud, as well as the indicators related to the project. The project, worth about 20 million lei (about 4 million euros, including VAT), provides for the construction of a geothermal thermal station in the area of ​​Imprimeria de Vest, where there is a disused thermal point, tracing the geothermal networks from the two boreholes, and their connection at the thermal station. Finally, from the geothermal thermal station, several thermal points in the Ioșia area will be supplied with thermal energy.

The Municipality of Oradea will submit a grant application within the “Energy Program in Romania”, with non-reimbursable financing through the European Economic Area (EEA) and Norway Grant. Thus, local geothermal renewable energy resources will be used for the preparation of the SACET Oradea central heating agent from two deep drills: the 4,005 drill operated by Transgex SA and the 1,720 drill operated by Foradex Vest SA.

“Following the analyzes, two geothermal water wells were identified,” explained Mayor Florin Birta, quoted by Transilvania Business. “A drilling well used only at a capacity of 50%, which is operated by Transgex, located near the Oradea Shopping City complex. The ANL blocks are supplied with heating from this well. In addition, in the Sântandrei area there is another well, for which the company Foradex Vest has an exploitation license and which is not used at all at this moment. We estimate that through the investments we will implement, by the end of 2023 the geothermal water supply will increase from 5 to 14%”.

The estimated duration of the works is 18 months, of which 3 months design and 15 months execution.

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