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Nuclearelectrica holds deposits of about 515 mln. lei at Eximbank

17 August 2021
Bogdan Tudorache

Nuclearelectrica announced the establishment of a new deposit, of 73.47 million lei at Eximbank, for which it receives an interest rate of 2.5%, according to a report submitted to the Stock Exchange consulted by Energynomics.

Thus, the total volume of deposits held by SNN at Eximbank is of 514.98 million lei. The interest obtained by Nuclearelectrica on July 13, of 2.5%, is the best of the total deposits, the lowest interest being 1.7%. The maturity of all deposits is of one year.

The inflation target of the National Bank of Romania for the end of the year is 2.5%, but the inflation forecast exceeds 5%, the value of inflation in July 2021 being already 4.95%, compared to July 2020. Thus, the NBR inflation forecast for Q4, 2021 is 5.6%, with an uncertainty range of 0.8%.

Nuclearelectrica (SNN) recorded an increase in net profit of 12.28% in the first half of 2021 (H1), despite a decrease in production of over 11%. The increase in profit was due to the increase in operating income by 16.9%, revenues from the sale of electricity being 15.7% higher – amounting to 1.339 billion lei in H1, 2021. The increase in operating income was “determined by the increase by 21.2% of the weighted average price of electricity sold in the first half of 2021 compared to the weighted average price in the same period of 2020, given the sale of a total amount of electricity smaller by 4.6%,” says the company report for the Stock Exchange.


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