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Transelectrica completes an investment of 92 mln. lei essential for the Dobrogea region

8 April 2024

Transelectrica has successfully concluded an investment of approximately 92 million lei for the consolidation of energy security in the Dobrogea region, the development of the electric transmission network and the national energy system, by building two new 400 kV double-circuit connections, with a total length of 55 of kilometers, in the 400 kV Medgidia Sud Electric Power Station.

The station thus becomes the third important energy node for the evacuation of energy from Dobrogea.

This work made it possible to put four 400 kV overhead power lines into operation, respectively: 400 kV Medgidia South – Varna (Bulgaria) interconnection LEA, Medgidia South – Dobrudja (Bulgaria) 400 kV interconnection LEA, Medgidia South 400 kV LEA – Stupina and LEA 400 kV Medgidia Sud – Rahman, thus transforming the Medgidia Sud Station into one of interconnection with the Bulgarian electricity system. These four lines resulted from the sectioning of the former interconnection lines with Bulgaria: LEA 400 kV Stupina – Varna and respectively LEA 400 kV Rahman – Dobrudja.

The execution works were carried out by the ELECTROMONTAJ SA Association (association leader), ELM ELECTROMONTAJ CLUJ SA and EMFOR MONTAJ SA as subcontractors, and the implementation of the project in the computer systems was carried out with the support of the specialists Teletrans SA, the subsidiary of Transelectrica, which ensured the modeling and integration of the new lines into the EMS – SCADA system, as well as communications and data exchanges with the Bulgarian Transport and System Operator.

The realization of this investment project has a significant impact for the Dobrogea area and a particular importance for the Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant (CNE Cernavodă), making the 400 kV Medgidia Sud station a particularly important energy node in this region. As a result of the implementation of this investment, the distribution of power flows on the lines in the Dobrogea area and on the connections with the rest of the system, including with Bulgaria, the Republic of Moldova and Serbia, will be made more efficient.

Thus, a significant benefit of this work is the reduction of active power losses on 400 kV overhead power lines by approximately 10 MW, under conditions of high electricity production in wind power plants.

At the same time, it will increase the cross-border capacity on the border with Bulgaria for export, with values between 200 MW and 300 MW, and for import by approximately 100 MW.

All these advances will contribute to strengthening the transitional stability of the area and the Cernavodă Nuclear Power Plant, as well as reducing energy production restrictions in the Dobrogea area.

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